British Royal Family News: Has Royal Satirist Gary Janetti Just Been Canceled? All Signs Point To Yes

British Royal Family News finds that cancel culture has truly taken over, and not just in politics and Hollywood, but on the internet as well. There are new reports suggesting sitcom writer and ‘royal satirist’ Gary Janetti has been canceled by his Instagram followers following the Black Lives Matters movement and for all of the allegedly sexist, insulting things he’s said in his satirical Instagram account about a fictional Prince George making fun of his African-American aunt, Meghan Markle. The timing couldn’t be worse because HBO Max has greenlighted an animated show pitched by Janetti and based off the character he has been workshopping on Instagram for the last few years. Here’s what you need to know.

Apparently, many Instagram followers have noticed that Gary Janetti has been rather quiet ever since many accounts posted black outs in support of the BLM movement, with Gary being no exception. However, some eagle-eyed fans have also noticed that Gary has been ‘cleaning out’ his gram and deleting some of his most offensive posts about the Duchess of Sussex.

British Royal Family News: Has Royal Satirist Gary Janetti Just Been Canceled? All Signs Point To Yes

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Of course, it didn’t take very long for many social media followers to pick up on this and comment about the matter. Most of these comments come from the gossip blog, Celebitchy, which ironically, also shames Kate Middleton, but prides itself for being a snarky, feminist site. Some Celebitchy fans didn’t take this matter very lightly and said, “He made fun of all the royals but he was borderline cruel to Meghan. He rarely shamed Kate to the level he did with Meghan. He also fatshamed Charlotte, a kid. If he had kept to making fun of all the royals, he probably would have never gotten his book deal or his HBO show. He got it due to being cruel and mean to Meghan,” along with, “This isn’t satire, this is just mean and racist behavior. I hate how these people say it’s entertainment and satire when it isn’t. If his posts were just “satire” then why is he deleting them? I’m glad he is getting dragged for this. His time was coming. His post were not funny. At all.”

But there were also some fans who defended Gary with, “To be fair, he made fun of all the royals on there, including Will and Kate, except the kids…I don’t know if people in the comments made fun of the kids (probably, because you know, people), but he didn’t, I don’t think so anyway, of course I could have missed a post as I didn’t read ALL of them. He always made it seem as if the kids were superior and smarter than the adults actually, including Archie.”

However, many social media commentators did point out that Gary’s fictional Prince George made fun of Charlotte’s weight and had a long-running joke of Prince George wanting Archie Harrison to go away.

So far Gary Janetti himself has not made any comments about the controversy, why some of his posts are being deleted and why he hasn’t posted anything on his Instagram account in over a month. However, it will be interesting to see how HBO Max responds to this controversy and if fans will ever get to see a snarky, animated, foul-mouthed Prince George bully a biracial Meghan Markle on his new show, The Prince. That Bradbucks mocha latte all of a sudden tastes very bitter, right?

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