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Prince William

British Royal Family News: Could Prince William And His Family Be Going On Their Summer Holiday Soon?


British royal family news has revealed that Prince William could be set to take his family on holiday over the coming weeks. It has become a family tradition that Prince William and Kate Middleton will take their children on a summer holiday after they had broken up from school. However, there had been fears that the tradition would likely have been broken this year due to the coronavirus.

However, recent measures have been lifted, which means that Brits can now stay at locations around the country. Brits will also be allowed to leave the UK to a select number of EU countries such as Spain, Germany and France. But, will the royal couple still take a much needed break over the summer months?

British Royal Family News: Likely To Stay In The United Kingdom

The most likely scenario would see the royal couple along with Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis stay in the United Kingdom over the summer. One of their options could be a return to Kensington Palace, which is their official residence. However, it could be worth mentioning that the couple prefer to spend their time in the summer away from the city.

One option that could suit all parties is the children getting to meet up with some of their relatives, as they could take a trip to Bucklebury Manor. Kate has recently revealed that she has missed seeing her parents, and a visit to see her family can now be done while following the social distancing measures that are in place.

British Royal Family News: Two Households Allowed To Meet

The recent chances in the government guidelines means that Kate will now be able to see her parents Carole and Michael. The parents have been spending their period in lockdown with Kate’s brother James and his wife-to-be Alizee Thevenet. These new guidelines insist that people from different households can now meet given that the social distancing is respected.

There is a one-metre rule in place, but the change has meant that people from around the UK can now meet up with loved ones that they haven’t seen for a number of months. There has been no official announcement just yet, but fans will likely find out in due course where the family will be spending their summer holiday.

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