Amazon Prime’s All Or Nothing: Why The Upcoming Release Could Be The Most Dramatic Sports Documentary Of All-Time


Amazon Prime has given a first look to sports fans into the upcoming release of All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur. And, it’s fair to say fans of soccer could not be more exciting about the release. The All or Nothing series has already achieved success following Manchester City and their record-breaking campaign in 2017-18 and the All Blacks. However, this series will be unlike anything that fans have seen before.

The trailer for the series whets the appetite of what fans can expect to see in the series, as they follow Jose Mourinho as he gets ready to meet his Tottenham squad for the first time. It will likely be more along the lines of Sunderland Till I Die than the first soccer release of All or Nothing, but it will be binge-worthy sports drama at its best.

Amazon Prime’s All Or Nothing: Jose’s Dramatic Arrival

The drama that fans can expect to see in this series will likely appeal to fans of all sport. It is remarkable what has happened over the past 12 months at Tottenham, and this series will give a detailed insight into what has been happening behind the scenes.

There was huge shock around the football world when Jose Mourinho was revealed as the new Tottenham Hotspur manager, as he replaced Mauricio Pochettino just hours after the sacking of the hugely popular manager. It is even more remarkable given that Pochettino led Tottenham to a first-ever Champions League final less than four months earlier. The shock can be seen on all the players’ faces as they are first introduced to Mourinho in the trailer.

Amazon Prime’s All Or Nothing: Dramatic Season At Tottenham Hotspur

The previous seasons of this show have focused on dominant teams that have gone on to achieve remarkable successes. However, Spurs have done anything but that this season as there have been a number of things have gone wrong on, and off the pitch. Spurs were handed an embarrassing 7-2 defeat by Bayern Munich in the Champions League earlier in the season, while two players have recently nearly got into a fist fight during a match.

Add to that they have been knocked out of domestic competitions by Norwich City and Colchester United, and Spurs defender Eric Dier taking matters into his own hands by marching into the stands to defend his brother from Tottenham fans, it will be unmissable. It could be a sports documentary for the ages, and everyone except Tottenham Hotspur fans will be loving every second.

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