ABC ‘The Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Demi Burnett Opens Up about Past Relationships

ABC ‘The Bachelor In Paradise’ spoilers finds that Bachelor Nation was shocked when Demi Burnett and her boyfriend, Slater Davis broke up just a few months ago. If you will recall, the Bachelor in Paradise star broke off her engagement with Kristian Haggerty and fans of the show were so happy to finally see a same-sex relationship. Too bad it didn’t last. Fans were happy to see Demi dating again, but the couple broke up, but they have been trying to make a friendship work. Demi came clean about a lot of things on her podcast, Big Demi Energy.

ABC ‘The Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Still Friends or Something Else?

Demi and Slater have been working on a friendship, but have stopped following one another on social media. Demi said, “I recently broke up with my boyfriend. I love him, I’m crazy about him. He’s wonderful and it’s just been really hard. It’s toxic on every level whenever you get to that point where you’re questioning everything each other’s doing. If you can’t trust each other, you’re never gonna have a relationship. I know I did everything I could to be trustworthy. I know I was up to nothing, I was always f*****g loyal. Everything was about Slater, everything was about the person I was with. But if you have trust issues, you’re still going to question everything.”

ABC ‘The Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Demi Burnett Opens Up about Past Relationships

Then Demi said, ” I wouldn’t necessarily declare it-as of right now- a breakup.” So what is it, Demi? Demi told her podcast audience, “We are wanting to work on ourselves and we are still very good friends. It’s just never fun whenever you’re going through that. But yeah, we’ve been talking a lot and we’re really good now. We’ve hung out some. He has been wonderful, he’s been really great. We’ve been great together, we’ve probably laughed more in the past couple of weeks than we have the past few months. It’s no pressure, friends, hanging out, getting along. It’s definitely put me in a better place. I’m really happy with where we’re at.”

We are very happy to hear that Demi and Slater are still friends. Demi mentioned that they will continue to not be part of one another’s social media accounts, but that could change as they begin to work on building a stronger friendship. It is great to see them getting along and really settling into being friends. Perhaps that’s all they needed; to be friends before they became more. We wish the two of them only good things from here on out!

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