ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas To Reconnect With Liz Again? Ex Hook-Up Possible

ABC ‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers finds that star Marcus Coloma has recently shared a little insight to his character Nikolas Cassadine and his relationship with his ex, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). As many fans know, Nikolas has turned to Elizabeth on several occasions for advice on what to do about Spencer.

But here’s the question that everyone wants to know: is he genuinely seeking a connection with her or is he just stoking something between Ava and Franco? Here’s what he has to say!

Speaking to Soap Opera Digest in a new interview, the handsome actor has this to offer, “I think they’re kind of intertwined in the sense that if he can get Ava and Franco together, it’s such a win-win situation for legal reasons because of the post-nup. But I also think his drive toward Elizabeth … I think the majority of it is more to create a relationship with Elizabeth and get a potential best friend/ soulmate back in his life. Obviously, they had a romantic relationship in the past, and I do think that at the time, [ending it] was a hard decision to make, but it was like, ‘I’m going to pull myself out of the equation because I’m going to be the bigger person; I can’t do this to my brother.’ But maybe that doesn’t seem like such a good decision to Nikolas anymore since it turned out, that relationship [Elizabeth and Lucky’s] didn’t work out anyway.”

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas To Reconnect With Liz Again? Ex Hook-Up Possible

As far as Nikolas’ take on Elizabeth’s marriage to Franco, Marcus puts it this way, “It’s hard because I’ve seen them together and I think they’re really sweet together — as an actor, like, as Marcus watching the show. It’s so hard not to let the lines cross and there’s part of me as Marcus that doesn’t want to mess that up for them because it seems like a really good thing! I do think Nikolas is self-aware enough to see that Franco is seeking redemption and I think he believes that people can change.

He’s seen Franco, like, at Elizabeth’s house and with Cameron and I think he believes he has changed. Nikolas is not a big fan of Franco, necessarily, but I think really more because of his own feelings for Elizabeth. But I don’t think Nikolas can be objective. I don’t think he can take a step back; when it comes to Elizabeth, it’s more selfish.” Needless to say, fans will have to tune in to find out what will happen next! General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network.

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