ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Details About What’s Next For GH!

ABC ‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal we’re revisiting the final week or two before new episodes stopped. And it does seem like they were about to come back (or that was the plan). However, new details have been floating around online today. So, let’s update you on the latest talk. Plus, we’ll look into what this whole situation tells us. And how we think it can be handled going forward.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The latest

First, ‘General Hospital’ spoilers reveal these newer repeats seemed poised to lead us into original content. And we’ve seen quite a bit of talk online about how they did plan to be back soon. Unfortunately, we’ve been hearing whispers of a change in plan. It seems circumstances might have pushed production back a week. We saw this happen with The Bold and the Beautiful.

They had to stop briefly only a few days to a week into filming because of positive virus tests. It turned out there were problems with the lab, and things got squared away. So, what’s this mean? A slightly longer wait. This brings a question.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Unprepared

The soap world is a tough place. ‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate the show was off the air for a bit because of the impeachment hearings. And a certain infamous case in the ‘90s did huge damage to the industry. It doesn’t seem like a lot has changed in over twenty years.

The daytime shows are still the first to get pushed aside for news conferences, breaking stories, and such. However, the networks and production companies have a huge advantage they didn’t have way back—the internet.

Online streaming is huge, we honestly don’t see why a show like ‘General Hospital’ left fans in the dark so long while ‘Days of Our Lives’ kept going via their website. It took a while (and a lot of fan outcry) until they put episodes online like the other shows. This shows a weakness in this particular part of the industry. But there are solutions.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Going forward

First, we’ve already speculated that once things are up and running again, the other shows might do well with a change. After they’ve gotten back into the swing of things and figured out how to make things work more efficiently, we think they’d do well to adopt a DOOL approach to production.

They’re the only show to be unaffected by this shutdown, and they have a cushion to learn from the others’ first days back.

Secondly, ‘General Hospital’ in particular would do well to make sure they made good use of the internet to keep the content they have coming, despite what the networks do. But there’s one more thing.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Getting creative

Of the few good things that have come out of this whole situation, one of them is the creativity and fluidity other shows have displayed. For example, a court drama had an episode done entirely virtually. Another show had an animated episode.

Talk shows like Kelly Clarkson have embraced a video chat format, as well as other things. For instance, she does a cover song every episode. These are taped by the band members and Kelly individually, then edited together. This includes effects. A couple of things like that could be a great way to keep the actors working, while also giving fans a much-needed escape.

There’s also another option we saw a fan talk about that we loved. Podcasts. It’s all the rage, especially now. Actors like Bob Saget and Rob Lowe have them.

Saget’s is already out, and we believe Lowe’s will premiere soon. This could be a fun, viable option as well—at least for a few episodes here and there. Something put on their YouTube channel/sites to enjoy. It’d be like a return to the genre’s roots, and all of these options could be done without being on a set.

These are just a few things we think would be a great way to adapt with circumstances, keep some new stuff coming, and address safety worries. After all, those who don’t adapt with the times fall behind.

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