ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Fans Tired of Too Much Sonny Corinthos? Say it ain’t so!

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ABC ‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers is saying poor Sonny Corinthos, gets no love and hardly no storylines, in fact it could be said that we barely know anything about the seedy underbelly of Port Charles’ crime scene. It could be said that there is not a bit of organized crime in Port Charles, nope, none at all, nothing to see here.

Actually, just the opposite is true and a lot of ‘General Hospital’ fans have come out of the woodwork recently in order to say so. That’s right folks, people are getting tired of all the storylines that center around our Mob Boss, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard). I guess, like everything else that’s just now getting cancelled on social media, Sonny Corinthos is becoming the next thing to go.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: People tired of Sonny? Say it ain’t so!

What a lot of fans have said is that they would rather see storylines featuring Sonny’s kids now instead of the mob boss himself. I can kind of see that, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) is one that could really come into his own now that his Dad is getting on up there in years. I mean, after all, what happens to capos of a certain age, eh?

Although right now, Michael is trying his damnedest to be a good, family man but let’s face it, that’s kind of a bland storyline in terms of a soap opera, so they could definitely stand to let his character walk on the wild side a bit.

Also if they’re going to bring back Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) he could definitely carry on Sonny’s penchant for being unpredictable. Thing is, Dante is not above doing shady things, Dante has PTSD and legitimate mental instability that could potentially provide a lot of storylines for GH but only if GH wanted to continue to go down that route.

They could also branch out with some of the younger characters, I would like to see more storylines featuring Dev Cerci (Ashton Arbab) in Sonny’s world and more about his background but it seems that his potentially interesting background was dropped almost as soon as it was created. Wow, swell.

Other characters that could provide interesting storylines could be Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), AKA the Jackal, his PI business could really take off. We could always have a whole storyline about Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) that didn’t involve a Sonny subplot at all (but then, that might cause hell to freeze over.).

We could definitely focus on Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), we could add in Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and bring back Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and have a whole love quadrangle going on, I’d be up for that.

The thing is there is a veritable ton of personalities and characters in Port Charles but to transition away from mob stories and back onto, maybe medical drama like GH was supposed to be in the first place may just take awhile. Although, with COVID-19 not going anywhere anytime soon we could possibly see a future storyline involving that soon.

Even if they did decide to do a pandemic-style storyline they wouldn’t have to use COVID-19 it could be an entirely different pandemic but seeing as they kind of already did that with Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattson) in 2019 they may not want to rehash that again.

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