Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Breakthroughs, curses, and falling hard


Univision Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal “Antonio ‘Toño’ Cortés Molina” (Adrián Uribe) has finally made a so-called breakthrough, and it made us more suspicious of Charlotte Burgos (Maria de la Fuente). We also saw some new developments in the situation with the Morales curse. Let’s take a look at what happened, as well as what we can expect for tonight. We’ll also see how things are going between the real Toño and Natalia “Naty” Lira Vargas (Claudia Martín).

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Breakthrough?

To start, let’s talk about poor Ricardo Reyes Alonso (Uribe). He’s living a life that isn’t his, and he was convinced of that. Until he took a DNA test, that is. Because of the results, he is forced to admit that Luz María Molina de Cortés (Azela Robinson) and Félix “El Bacalao” Cortés (Sergio Reynoso) are his true parents. With no proof otherwise, he’s decided to throw himself into accepting that he is Toño. Luchita is thrilled, and so it Charlotte. However, we’re not feeling this doctor. Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal we already saw her as unprofessional. She proved herself to be more so on Friday.

Despite her basically harassing “Toño” to admit that’s who he is, she made a strange decision on Friday. Ricardo, believing he really is Toño now, figured there was only one thing to do. He decided to move back into his parents’ house and throw himself back into his old life. For some odd reason, she reacted very badly to that and threatened it could be traumatic. We think she does, on some level, believe he’s not really Toño and she’s afraid he’ll discover that because of her feelings for him. Not a good look on a so-called “professional”.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Curse lives?

In other Como tú no hay dos spoilers, there was an indication the curse of the Morales sisters might live. We’d mentioned that Thursday’s episode brought bad news. A guy who’d been at Luna Morales’ (Gema Garoa) party turned up dead. On Friday, the other sisters learned the details.

They all took it hard, and Luna is in a panic. She plans to watch her man night and day to keep him from suffering the same fate that their fathers did. There was another consequence as well. This made Sol Morales (Leticia Huijara) realize that Federico “Fede” Mercurio (Henry Zakka) might have lied to her about what happened between them. Out of anger over the situation her sister is now in, and likely to protect Fede as well, she broke things off.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Falling harder

Finally, Toño continues being a “better” version of Ricardo. His care and sweet behavior continues to make her fall deeper in love with him. Their scenes on Friday were proof of this, and they had a great, light-hearted chemistry as “Ricardo” shaved. They’re also still planning on adopting, and that’s another reason Naty is becoming more and more devoted to her man.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: About tonight

As for tonight. Como tú no hay dos spoilers indicate that Damián Fuentes Jasso (Ferdinando Valencia) isn’t ready to let go of Naty so easily. He will threaten her to keep Naty from ending things with him. In other news, Bacalao will end up following Toño and see Dora Sánchez (Mayra Rojas) for the first time in many years. We’re curious to see what he might do to protect this secret of the other child that survived.

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