The Bay spoilers: A who’s who of soaps makes perfect binge-watching material

The Bay spoilers indicate there’s a series you need to check out if you haven’t already. With a lot of shows on a production halt, you might be looking for something to binge. This Amazon Prime series is a good fit, although you might have to come in a bit late. Only seasons 3-5 are included with Prime. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the show, however. Here’s what you need to know about the series, and its recent good news.

The Bay Spoilers: About The Bay

As we mentioned, you can currently stream this series on Amazon Prime video. The seasons, according to the wiki page, seem to be between 8-29 episodes. Not a bad choice for a binge watch. The show centers around the lives of several families living in a seaside town. It’s filled with drama and familiar faces, and we are in love with the theme song and opening.

As for as the plot? Right now, we’re watching season 3. This season, the big story is the trial of Sara Garrett. She’s accused of killing a politician relative 30 years before. If that wasn’t a stressful enough situation, her lawyer just happens to be an ex, Arthur Tobin. We loved him on Melrose Place as Dr. Michael Mancini, so it’s been fun to see him in a different part. As a side note, fans of Robert Scott Wilson (Ben Weston, Days of Our Lives) can see the actor playing a younger version of the character in the first episode or two of the third season.

The Bay Spoilers: Who’s who

There is a serious who’s who on this show, in case you couldn’t tell by the names above. DOOL co-star Matthew Ashford also appears on the series as Steve Jensen. He’s her husband, and from the character description, he’s got a past that his DOOL character, Jack Deveraux shares. Although, it seems as though Jack has redeemed himself far more and has more of a conscience. You’ll also see a bunch of General Hospital/DOOL stars on the series, and other familiar Daytime faces.

The Bay Spoilers: Stand outs

So far, our favorite moment is the conflicting reports of what actually happened that night 30 years ago. Sara’s team is selling the story her relative tried to kill her first, and she actually tried to save him. Meanwhile, the prosecution is insisting she is a vengeful woman who is bitter over being denied her true place in the Garrett family. Who’s telling the truth? What side will win? We’ll have to wait and see. But the conflicting scenes have us hooked, as does the sudden surprise witness for the prosecution. Just be prepared, because there’s a biased judge you’ll be rooting to get what’s coming to her.

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