Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Truth, betrayals, and regrets ahead

Telemundo 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal there’s some fallout from the piece on Alejandro Rivera (Macarena García). We also saw what looks like an end for Remedios Rivera (Mariana Treviño) and Emiliano León (David Chocarro). Finally, this episode had a great moment where the truth hurt. Let’s see what happened, plus what’s ahead tonight.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Fallout

First, we had a little unintended consequence to Alex’s feature. Emiliano wasn’t informed, so the piece airing took him by surprise. He, understandably, was upset about that and thought he should have been informed, at least. 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal he wasn’t invited to be part of the piece. We understand why, and yet don’t.

Sure, Reme walked in and realized he had another woman there. But, she really shouldn’t have gotten so upset, or used that as a reason to not tell him about what’s going on with Alex. She’s the one who slept with her soon-to-be ex and is living in the same house with him again, plus she asked for time to decide if she wanted to be with Emiliano after all. Seems unfair to hold that little hookup against him.

The other fallout came from Jimena Sosa (Sylvia Sáenz). She ended up finding out by chance as well, and she wasn’t happy. She didn’t even know Alex was trans. Obviously, she took this as another offense, given they didn’t tell her about Luis Casas’ (Héctor Suárez Gomís) double life when they found out, either. She’s, rightfully, feeling a little left out by them. Especially, Constanza Franco (Ilse Salas), who she works with and is closer to. But Jimena’s got other problems.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Truth

Despite their efforts, 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal the truth always comes out. As we previewed yesterday, Susana Casas Sosa (Isabella Sierra) overheard Nicolás “Nico” Casas Villareal (Andrés Pirela) calling Luis “dad”. This led to both kids being confused and demanding answers. Luis took the lead and told them what happened. The kids aren’t exactly thrilled with their new bond. Especially, Susie, who is a total Jimena clone. Only maybe slightly meaner.

After things came out, Susie took on the role of big sister and started bossing Nico around. She has a plan, and they put it in action on Monday night. This involved them sneaking off in a cab, and Jimena found out. Now, she’s trying to track them down and deal with the situation. We’re looking forward to what happens next.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Betrayal?

Finally, Constanza might regret her latest decision. She is totally impressed with her reporter man. However, he is not what he seems. He was trying to get information about a case out of her, and not it looks like he’s ready to go to other lengths. Seems that she can’t get away from user men. Maybe Plutarco Cuesta’s (Erick Elias) not such a bad choice…

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Tonight

As for tonight, it looks like Roger Montero (Marco Tostado) will go too far. He’ll sneak information from the office about the firm’s latest case and expose it on TV. Because of that, Plutarco will be on a mission to see how the case got leaked. This is going to get ugly, and have huge implications for Connie.

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