Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Luck or stupidity?


Telemundo 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal Luis Casas (Héctor Suárez Gomís) must be the luckiest man on the face of the earth. Either that, or Jimena Sosa (Sylvia Sáenz) is the dumbest woman. Either way, he’s like a cockroach that just won’t go down no matter what fate throws his way. Let’s take a look at the latest, plus a couple of highlights. We’ll also preview tonight’s episode.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Lucky or stupid?

To start off, let’s talk about the scene stealing going on. It’s truly awesome, yet also criminal. Some of these other characters really should take action about this, because Luis’ latest debacle-turned-lucky break stole the night.

Remember how he went to Chicago to keep up his cover and actually looked for people named Juan whose funeral he could take Jimena to? 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal he had to do a lot of fancy talking last night. Jimena, for one, questioned why there wasn’t a single Mexican at the funeral for his old school friend. He claimed Juan had Chinese and Mexican family, but the Mexican side was unable to get there in time. Instead of questioning this, it made Jimena feel worse for the family. She went out of her way to make nice with the widow and be friendly. We think this woman actually really liked Jimena.

In another lucky break, this widow wasn’t even married to the deceased long. They’d only known each other maybe a year and she knew very little about his past. But the best part was when Jimena wished she could see the face of the man who meant so much to Luis. Her new friend obliged, revealing an old man. This is where we’re not sure if she’s stupid, or willfully ignorant. She actually bought his story about the guy starting school late in life.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Highlights

As for highlights, we loved the scene with Alejandra Rivera (Macarena García), Emiliano León (David Chocarro), and Plutarco Cuesta (Erick Elías) watching the ball game. Emiliano was picking on Plutarco for being jealous and obviously in denial if he didn’t think Constanza’s being wooed. Also, we loved Ale having enough of their quiet conversation and Plutarco’s comments abought her new favorite baseball player. Sort of. 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers indicate she’s joking, but her teasing showed just how far she and Emiliano have come.

We also loved Remedios Rivera (Mariana Treviño) refusing to be dragged in the middle of the situation while delivering drinks to Constanza and Lobo. Her “I told you what I think already” response and quick departure were a perfect move. She’s realized that she has to let Constanza learn for herself.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: About tonight

As for tonight, we’ll see a medical situation bring Constanza to the hospital, where Plutarco and Fabian “Lobo” Ramirez (Carlos Torres) will try to comfort her.

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