EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Carter To Make Stunning Revelation To Help Gray Atkins With Whitney Dean’s Case


EastEnders spoilers have indicated that there could be a stunning revelation on the cards from Linda Carter over the coming weeks. Gray Atkins has been doing everything within his power to help Whitney Dean avoid jail, and that will lead him to find out some new information over the coming episodes. Whitney Dean will open up about her past experiences in relationships, and that will lead to Gray asking some tough questions to those that know her best.

Mick and Linda have been there for her throughout the ordeal, with Mick being the first person that Whitney called after killing Leo King. Linda is set to make a revelation that could help Whitney’s case. But, that will come after Gray become seriously concerned regarding her wellbeing.

EastEnders Spoilers: Whitney Seen Wandering The Streets

Gray has been working tirelessly to try and find a defence for Whitney, but the pressure is starting to mount on both of them. Gray has continued to lash out at his wife, and that could see his long-term future in Walford called into question as Chantelle may soon entrust all their secrets in an unlikely ally.

Next week, however, Gray will find Whitney looking lost in the square as she is sitting alone on a bench. Gray will fear that she is having a breakdown as he is aware of how much she struggled when she was in prison previously. Whitney will be wondering the streets at night after having flashbacks about the night that she killed Leo.

EastEnders Spoilers: Gray Takes Whitney Back To His House

Gray will be concerned and will quickly urge Whitney to come back to his house so that they can talk about the case. He will use it as an opportunity to ease her mind and reassure her that she will not be going back to prison. He will ask her a lot of questions about her past, and that is where he is told about Whitney’s marriage to Lee.

Gray remains calm throughout the revelation, but quickly tries to find out more information about what their relationship was like. He talks to Linda about Whitney’s ex, and that is when he is told that he used to beat her. The irony of it will not be lost on viewers, as that is what Gray has been doing to his wife. But, will he be able to use this new information to help Whitney’s defence?

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