EastEnders Spoilers: Chantelle Atkins To Hold Whitney Dean Responsible For Gray Atkins Betrayal

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EastEnders spoilers have suggested that when the show returns Chantelle Atkins will hold Whitney Dean responsible for her husband’s betrayal. Chantelle and Gray Atkins story has been a prominent role of the soap for the past year, but because of there being no episode to air at present, viewers will be unable to get the clarity they need on what happens next.

However, viewers have speculated that Whitney will be the one that is pushed by Chantelle, as Gray admits that she kissed him. Chantelle has been a constant source of support for Whitney over the past year, and was even the one that begged Gray to take over her case when she was imprisoned for murder.

EastEnders Spoilers: Chantelle’s Abuse

Viewers of the soap will be aware that Chantelle has been abused by Gray throughout the past year. He has done every possible terrible thing to her, but last week she still blamed Whitney for making a move on her husband before listening to her side of the story. Chantelle has been through that much that some fans have already predicted that she will go to a dark place to get revenge on Whitney.

After being released on bail, Whitney was approached by Michaela King, who was the mother of the man that Whitney killed. She kidnapped Whitney in order to ensure that she would be looking at a prison sentence, but any chance of that happening was squandered when Gray saved her. However, some spoilers have indicated that Chantelle could kidnap Whitney next.

EastEnders Spoilers: Whitney And Gray Still Working Closely

In the final episodes before the soap was taken off air, viewers would have seen Chantelle berate Whitney about what she had done. She went as far to threaten Whitney, and warned her away from seeing her husband again. Of course, there would be a very obvious problem there as Gray is representing Whitney in her trial.

Viewers believe that this could be pivotal as Chantelle will refuse to believe that nothing is going on between the pair when Gray is working late. But, could this all be part of Gray’s plan to escape the truth coming out?

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