Did Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru) Quit Youtube?

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A month ago, Tati Westbrook AKA GlamLifeGuru on youtube took a break. She last posted saying “Me and my heart are taking a break.” But she has not really said anything else since then. She uploaded a video on May the 28th to her instagram that was filled with music and images, one saying “the truth” and another saying, “We see what we want to see.” and “keep walking.” along with “the universe will put you back together in front of the people who broke you.” the timing of this break and subsequent video is a little bit questionable considering the break happened around the one year anniversary of her drama with fellow youtube beauty guru James Charles. (Anybody remember the whole “Bye sister!” video? It’s now deleted but hoo boy, was that some drama.)

Obviously, Tati hasn’t disappeared off the face of the earth, she’s still planning on coming back to social media and subsequently her youtube channel but people are speculating why she took the break. Some people say that the anniversary of the whole “Bye Sister” drama was too much for her and she just needed a break from life for awhile. However she’s been fine since the drama and even directly afterwards was posting her regular content so something tells me that past drama could not have been the reason why she took a break from youtube, seeing as that and her cosmetic company was her main source of income. Speaking of her cosmetic company however…

Youtuber Tati Westbrook AKA Glamlifeguruc took a break

According to a source, Tati Beauty has not responded to customer inquiries in over two months or addressed any of the issues concerning Tati or her brand. Now on Tati’s personal social media there are not any of this inquiries floating around. However on the Tati Beauty page as of March 23rd it said that due to the closure of the Tati Beauty Facility that they were no longer able to fulfill orders due to the COVID-19 crisis. However, Tati addressed that saying that all of the orders that had been placed during the week of March 23rd were refunded, so that customers would have funds available to be able to shop for other things and not be waiting on a product that would never come. Classy of her!

Now, Tati being quiet about the current state of civil unrest is quite uncharacteristic of her, but, I think that maybe, just maybe, COVID-19 impacted her harder than we thought. Maybe she hasn’t said anything about it because, if anything tragic did happen to her or a member of one of her family, everyone grieves differently. Some people want to be surrounded by people and support while they’re grieving and others don’t, others take a more solitary approach, or just want their close friends or family commenting on what’s actually going on in their lives and that’s perfectly okay. Obviously, whatever reason Tati took a break, it will probably be ovr soon and maybe she’ll address the rumors. Stay tuned!

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