Coronation Street Spoilers: Tensions Escalate Between Geoff Metcalfe And Sally Metcalfe As Yasmeen Nazir Pleads Not Guilty

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Monday night’s episode of Coronation Street was an enthralling half an hour of television, as fans finally saw the first glimpse of Yasmeen Nazir fighting back against Geoff Metcalfe. Yasmeen took to the stand in the plea hearing, where the episode cut off just after viewers could hear the nasty comments that Geoff has said to Yasmeen in the past.

Throughout the episode, Alya Nazir was pleading with her grandmother to stand up to Geoff and think about the cruel things that he had really done. Yasmeen continuously stood up for her husband and admitted that he was complicated. Alya finally got through to Yasmeen as she pleaded that her grandmother looks at it as if Geoff was doing those things to Tim instead.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Yasmeen Pleads Not Guilty

Viewers will already be aware that Yasmeen is set to plead not guilty to the charges hanging over her. Alya’s words finally seem to have gotten through to her grandmother, and she will begin to reveal the truth about their relationship next week. The defence will continue to build momentum, as Sally Metcalfe finally stands up to Geoff in a heated argument.

Viewers will see later in the week that Sally kicks Geoff out of the house. Geoff will be left fuming that things are starting to go against him, and he is concerned when Sally begins to believe Alya over him. Geoff will retaliate by turning Tim’s daughter Faye against Sally, in what is sure to be one of his most sickening lies to date.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Alya Comes Up With A Plan

Geoff reveals to Faye that he believes that he has been thrown out after Sally has started to believe Yasmeen’s story. Faye will be left furious and will demand answers from Sally in the middle of the street. Onlookers will be in amazement, as they learn that even those closest to Geoff have doubts.

Tim manages to take their argument inside, before Faye reveals that she is going to live with her grandfather for a bit. Faye’s decision will sting Tim and will cause damage to his and Sally’s relationship. However, Alya is delighted to hear that Sally has doubts and pleads with Imran to get her onboard. But, will Sally decide to help Yasmeen in her fight against Geoff?

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