ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Big New Insights Into Jason and Sam’s (JaSam) Fairytale Love Story

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ABC ‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal JaSam week continued on Tuesday with an episode from November 10, 2004. There wasn’t much Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) in this offering, but it did give insight into their relationship. It also brought a few personal highlights for us, as well as confirmation of something we’d thought since the episode with the three Carlys. Here’s what you need to know.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: One’s tragedy

This episode brought the end of a story, and the beginning of something new. From what the episode revealed (and some reading on Sam online), she’d had an affair with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) that threatened his relationship with Carly Corinthos (Tamara Braun). Sam and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) had planned on him claiming the child as his and raising a family. Sadly, this episode revealed that Sam was unconscious after delivering a stillborn baby. Jason and Sonny both were devastated by the news. Jason in particular struggled with what to do going forward. As sad as the circumstances were, it was almost nice to see him dealing with a more “normal/mundane” situation, rather than mob danger and scams to bust cult leaders.

The story also showed Jason’s well-meaning, yet clueless, side. He had to be advised by others that jumping in and getting rid of all the baby stuff before she gets home might be a bad idea. The episode also did well with her eventually waking up and getting the news. We like scenes sometimes where the reveal is shown through a window and all we have to go on is the character’s expression/behavior. It lets the actors really show what they can do, and the scene was well-played.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is one’s blessing

As tragic as the situation was, it ended up being both a horrific loss and a huge blessing for Sonny, as well as Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). As Kristina Corinthos-Davis’ (Emma and Sarah Smith) half-sister, the child was a bone-marrow match and ended up saving Kristina’s life. We liked that while there was clear conflict between Sonny and Alexis here, she was also quite sensitive and protective. When Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) presented Sonny with a restraining order to keep him away from the daughter Sonny recently discovered was his, she didn’t look happy. And she made it clear later that was a horrible thing to do. We agree.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Battle on

Finally, ‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate we got an episode with the three Carlys where we saw Tamara Braun in the part. This episode also featured her as she struggled with what might come next for her and Sonny. The more we see Braun in the part, the more we like her. We thought her sensitivity and concern toward Sonny was good of her, given all the circumstances. And we loved how she both was strong, yet also lost it a bit with Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell)  over the pressure of making such a huge decision as divorce and what to do with her kids. Here’s hoping there’s a couple more with her in the role before these flashbacks are over.

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