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ABC 'Bachelor in Paradise' Spoilers: Does Dean Unglert Have A Crush - Dean Shares It All

ABC ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: Does Dean Unglert Have A Crush? – Dean Shares It All

ABC ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers is all shook up by the interviews and social media posts from the stars of the shows. One of the shocking interviews came from Dean Unglert. He recently spoke on the podcast, Help! I Suck at Dating. If you remember him, he starred on Bachelor in Paradise and is now dating Caeylnn Miller-Keyes. He spilled the tea on a lot of things about the show, including a crush that he had on Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman.

ABC ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: Dean Shares It All

On the podcast, Dean got pressured to talk about women that he had crushes on or that he was thinking about currently. He said, “That’s just asking for me to get in trouble with my girlfriend! I think before I had gone on Paradise for the second time, I might have slid into Andi Dorfman’s DMs. Or I may be just asked Amanda Stanton to introduce mt to her, I can’t remember. I think it’s the latter, not the former. I don’t think I ever actually officially slid, but there was a point where I had a crush on her.”

ABC ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: Does Dean Unglert Have a Crush?


He kept going, “I just thought she was cute. I think Amanda Stanton posted a picture with her and I was like, ‘Oh, that girl is cute.’ Then I clicked on her page and I was like, ‘Oh, that girl used to be the Bachelorette.’ And that was basically the end of that. So, thank you guys for getting me in trouble, I can’t wait to not hear the end of this.”

On the podcast, he got to play the game “block on Instagram, marry, and Netflix and chill.” His choices were pretty good! “Sure, okay. I would block Hannah Ann, I would marry Andi, and I would Netflix and chill with Kaitlyn. There.”

Jared Haibon spoke about the rumors that Dean and Caelynn being married when fans saw him wearing a ring. “I think Dean is just-I think he’s falling more and more in love with her every day. And I really think that’s what the wedding band is about. Truthfully, even as their close friends, we don’t know if they’re married or not. Every time we ask them, he says it with a grin- he’s like, ‘We’re married.’ And it’s like, ‘Okay, just tell us, are you married or you’re not married?’ And he’ll be like,’No, we’re married.’ And so I think the wedding band is a showcase of commitment that Dean wants to show her. I think that’s what it really comes down to.”

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