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’90 Day Fiancé: TLC Makes Big Stand Against Racism With Lisa Hamme Firing Amidst Black Lives Matter Movement

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days’ spoilers finds that in some footage that was cut from the Before the 90 days tell-all, Usman Umar attempted to call out wife Lisa Hamme because he said that LIsa referred to him as the N-word, hard R, very aggressively and he said that he knew that that was not okay in the United States (he’s right, it’s not.), even though that part was cut from the tell-all, the leak 10 hour footage was still out there, and the video evidence has survived and it looks like TLC themselves are not having it, not at all. Some people would have ignored it or let it go but Lisa decided that it would be in her best interest to address it, so we can at least give her credit for that.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days’ Spoilers – TLC doesn’t stand racism

“It is said if you sin and you apologize and you pray for forgiveness, it is forgiven.” she said in an instagram live. She also said that the racial slur incident was originally a private matter between her and her husband and that it was sad that people would not drop it and that we all need to be united as human beings. Okay, that statement is partially true, about being united as human beings, but how about let’s not refer to our united brothers and sisters (and husbands and wives) as racial slurs, how about let’s begin there, Lisa? There’s a reason why people are not dropping it, it’s because it’s not okay and you should never refer to your significant other, or anyone, as such a derogatory term.

TLC backed up this point by firing her. This particular Before the 90 days cast was supposed to be on a series called “Before the 90 days strikes back”, a series in which they read comments about themselves and responded, but it looks like now Lisa has just racially slurred her way out of a job because it wasn’t long after that that TLC lowered the boom on the Pennsylvania native. They even went so far as to cancel a scheduled interview she had for her, because they didn’t want her doing it, according to her representative, Rocco Stranz. She threw shade at TLC by posting an instagram picture with tape over her mouth with the caption “silence” and then told people to contact Rocco Stranz for details. She didn’t provide any further details but as always, stay tuned to DSD for more details, they’ll probably be forthcoming.

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