Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Oriana falls into a trap! Beatriz wins big!


Univision Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal Natalia “Naty” Lira Vargas (Claudia Martín) and Damián Fuentes Jasso (Ferdinando Valencia) are worried about keeping their secret, as Beatriz knows what they’ve been up to. Meanwhile, Ricardo Reyes Alonso (Adrián Uribe) is stepping up for Antonio “Toño” Cortés Molina’s (Uribe) mom and discovered a secret in the process. Here’s what you need to know, and what you can expect for tonight.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Backfire

First of all, let’s talk about Naty and Damián. They got busted, thanks to Oriana Jasso (Aylín Mújica), Beatriz just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and saw too much. And she’s got the picture to prove Naty’s infidelity.

Como tú no hay dos spoilers indicate Oriana took responsibility on Thursday for said bad timing. She promised she’d take care of the situation so the scam can live on. Oriana ended up scamming herself, to an extent. She confronted Beatriz about what she knows and offered money in exchange for silence. It turns out, Beatriz had no intention of asking for any money. After the offer was made, Beatriz indicated she wanted something else. It was surprisingly simple: she just wanted better treatment. But, she made sure to thank Oriana for the money idea. Ha! We kinda love her. For now, it looks like they’re safe. But we wouldn’t be surprised to see Beatriz threaten them again if they aren’t nice enough.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Defending “mom”

Meanwhile, Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal that Félix “El Bacalao” Cortés (Sergio Reynoso) hit Luz María Molina de Cortés (Azela Robinson) the other day. Ricardo, thinking he’s Toño, obviously got angry when he heard this. So, he confronted his “father” and things got pretty heated. Ricardo demanded answers, and Bacolao admitted the fight was over her having a thing with Germán Muñoz (Alejandro Ávila). He asked her about it and she swore nothing was going on between them now. The funny thing is, she blamed herself for “Toño’s” current situation. We’re looking forward to seeing this bond between them grow as the season goes on.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: About tonight

As for tonight’s episode, Toño makes a visit to his real family. He’s heard about what happened to Luchita and will demand Bacalao never does it again. At least he’s got something nice about him.

Also tonight, we’ll see Damian try to get Fabiana Orozco Campos (Estefanía Hinojosa) back. She’d gotten a call from Ivette Altamira (Gabriela Carrillo) saying she is Damián’s girlfriend and Fabiana needs to get out of the way. Gotta love it. You can’t even call this a love triangle anymore. It’s grown way beyond that and seems to get bigger by the day.

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