TLC’s Casting Call For New Show – What You Need To Know!

Recently, TLC posted a casting notice for a new show, and it went a little something like this. Hi everyone! I’m Emmy, I work for Sharp Entertainment based in NYC! We work with TLC A LOT–hey! hey! 90 Day/Love After Lockup/Pillowtalk fans.

 !! (check us out online for proof!) Anyway, we’re currently casting NATIONWIDE for a new show with TLC, flyer and info attached here!! If you or someone you know fits the bill and would like to be considered PLEASE email us, we want to hear from you! If not, it would mean the world to get the word out–feel free to share the flyer! Thanks so much!!

What the hell are we playing at here, TLC?

We know times are tough right now but we are still making TV and we’d love to hear your stories Now seeking real couples for a NEW TV documentary series for a major cable network! Are you or is someone you know in a serious relationship with a relative of an ex? If you or someone you know broke-up with someone only to end up falling in love with their brother/sister/mother/father/cousin, then WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY! For consideration, please email the following to [email protected]

• Your name, your partner’s name, and how long you’ve been together

• Phone number/Contact info

• Both of your ages and location

• Your story! Please share a few details on how your partner is related to your ex, how your relationship came about, and your current relationships status.

• Photo(s) of you and your current partner, photo of you and your ex if possible.

I’m still wondering what on earth this particular TLC series would be called. I mean, in my experience that’s just called “high school in Alabama” (I can throw some playful shade, that’s my home state!) perhaps it’s part of the 90 day franchise, in which case it might be called “How to tick off your family in 90 days”? Or perhaps we should just try a retro style name, “Keeping it all in the family”, or you know, maybe we just want to dwell on the innocence of it all and call it “Ignorance is Bliss” and shorten that to “Ignorance”. Man, can you imagine that conversation at the proverbial water cooler the next day?

“What did you watch last night?”

“How was your night last night?”
“Watched Ignorance, it was great!”

“Look, I’m busy socially distancing myself tonight and watching Ignorance.”  Seriously though, what are we playing at?

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