TLC ‘Find Love Live’ Spoilers: Jesse Meester Meets His Match – What He Didn’t Expect

TLC ‘Find Love Live’ spoilers finds that new series has been a late-night hit. Jesse Meester, who you may know as Darcey Silva’s ex-boyfriend from 90 Day Fiance, is just one of the newest cast members on Find Love Live. Jesse met a woman while he was in New York and they had a great date together, but she ended up moving to Israel. He was been trying to find love and thought this may be a great way to do it. The world was excited to see Jesse on the show and we think he found a pretty good match. He had two choices at the end of the show- Haya and Vivi.

TLC ‘Find Love Live’ Spoilers: What He Didn’t Expect

When Jesse appeared on the show, he was ready to find love again. He wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but he ended up meeting some interesting women. He did hint around that he would prefer meeting an American woman and he wanted her to be very bold. Haya wasn’t a front runner, but after getting to know her more, he really liked her energy and her confidence. These two really connected as soon as they started talking.

TLC ‘Find Love Live’ Spoilers: Jesse Meester Meets His Match

Haya doesn’t really sugar coat things and Jesse liked her attitude and views on life. He was up against a tough choice, because he liked Vivi too and so did the viewers. It all came down to these two women. Although it was a pretty tough choice, Jesse decided to have his virtual date with Haya. They both had a really good time on the date and we are so happy to see him smiling so much! The show did a recap on them and they both hinted that they are doing really well together. They have been having many dates virtually until the coronavirus pandemic is over. They seem to really like one another and Jesse even joked at the k-1 visa process being in the works.

We know he was joking about the visa, but what if these two really do fall in love through all of this? Will they be the next couple on 90 Day Fiance? We think that this could be a possibility! Fans are really excited about this idea too! We are extremely happy that Jesse has met someone and seems to be very happy with her so far. If you missed out on Find Love Live, you can watch it on TLC on Sunday nights at 11 p.m. EST.

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