TLC ‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Season 11 Is Happening!

TLC 'Counting On' Spoilers: Michelle Duggar Loses Battle With Daughter Jill Dillard And Access To Grandchildren

TLC ‘Counting On’ spoilers finds that for fans of the Duggar family, you will be excited to know that the new season of Counting On on TLC is happening! There have been a lot of babies and a lot of celebrations for this giant, fundamentalist family and you get to see it all. You will also see how they handle the pandemic. The new spoilers for the show were exciting to see after we heard a lot of rumors that the show had been cancelled. The show will show us a time in the Duggars’ lives when five of the women in the family were pregnant at the same time!

TLC ‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Pregnancies, a Miscarriage, and a Pandemic

This season of the show will have a lot to offer fans of the Duggars. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo will reveal to the family that they are pregnant again and the way they do it is adorable! The trailers show Jeremy and Jinger making a gingerbread house and they made one of the cookies pregnant!

TLC ‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Season 11 Is Happening!

We will also see the family through the pandemic. There have been a lot of rumors about how Jim Bob Duggar thinks that the coronavirus is a hoax, but in the trailers we see the family making masks for their neighbors and others. Hopefully we will also see how the family was still holding dinners at their home even when isolation and lock down was in order for the world. We are curious to see how the family put this in place with their giant family! One of our favorite clips from the trailer is when Jana Duggar is at the salon getting her hair done. Her stylist starts asking her about boyfriend and pretty much why she’s still single. Even the producers of the show ask her if she ever gets tired of being asked about getting married.

The show will bring us some painful births and there will be a lot of competitions. There’s even an eating contest, so watch with caution. If you are excited to see the Duggars return to TLC, be sure to tune in on June 30th for the premiere episode. We cannot wait to see all of the new babies, gender reveals, baby showers, and births. We will also get a chance to see Jinger and Jeremy start their new life in California. Fans have been curious if we would see them on the show and they will be! We will not sure Joy-Anna Duggar and her family this season though.

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