TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: What Happened Between Big Ed Brown & Rosemarie Vega On Before the 90 Days – Are Ed and Rose Still Together?

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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that recently, Ed “Big Ed” Brown has been doing some questionable things. I mean, honestly there was some initial speculation about Ed’s intentions to begin with because he was so much older than Rose and it’s not like he lived in the wilds of Alaska or he was quarantined on a submarine for months at a time, he lives in San Diego and as a photographer has access to hundreds of reasonably attractive women that would undoubtedly be more his age, but he bypassed all of them to be with a young impoverished girl from the Philippines, one who already had a child. I mention this because it will be important later.

Ed seemed to really get a big kick out of sending Rosemarie Vega gifts, especially as Rose would phrase it “bra and panty” and it looked like for the first 3 months or so they were doing okay until Ed came to the Philippines. My question to Ed is, was he just saving all of those bombs for when he actually met her in person? I mean, first there was the STD test request which went over like a lead balloon, and then there was the whole deal where he finally told Rose about her sister asking him for money which she didn’t seem to believe or even know anything about so that went slightly better and seemed almost like it was all but swept under the rug. Now it looks like there is going to be a brand new bomb that Ed drops.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: So it all comes down to money, does it, Ed?

And that bomb is the fact that he doesn’t want anymore children. From the way it looks, early on in the relationship Rose told Ed that she wanted more children, at least two more. Now, Rose is 23 and she has every right to have as many children as she wants. However, Ed is done. He has raised a daughter and he ideally wants nothing more to do with raising children. That is well and good but it would seem that there is an underlying reason for that. In a preview from what happens next week he sits Rose down in a most candy-ass exchange and tells her that he not only does not want to have more children but that he wants to get a vasectomy to where it would be physically impossible for him to get her pregnant. Rose was visibly disappointed by this news.

When Rose had previously told Ed that she wanted more children, he did not say anything. Nothing at all! I find that incredibly unfair to Rose because she obviously was up front with him about this issue but he couldn’t have enough respect for her time in order to tell her the same thing? It’s obvious that Rose wants a marriage and a family with whomever she chooses to be with and that is not too much to ask. If Ed did. Ot want that then he should have been up front with her about that as well as about the other bombs that he decided to drop on this trip to the Philippines! Then he goes so far as to tell her that he only has enough love and enough money for her and her son Prince.

I don’t think love has anything to do with it. I think Ed is all about the almighty dollar. He is just looking out for how much he can keep in his bank account after this big trip to the Philippines. Seriously man, if you had just dropped these bombs before you left the US over facebook I don’t think that you would have has to spend any money at all on a trip to the Philippines! If you were worried about the amount of money you would have to spend in the first place then why on earth would you agree to take on a wife and a child from a developing country and bring them to the US knowing that for the next 2 years, you are basically agreeing to be financially responsible for said wife and Prince is 4 so you still have 14 more years of financial responsibility there.

Oh and Rose asked the reason he didn’t tell her last night and he said that he ‘didn’t know how’ ladies and gentleman if the jury I would like to call a grand BS statement there. He knew how to tell Rose, he just didn’t know how to tell her without, ahem, how to phrase this delicately – being forced to sleep on the couch for the night. I highly doubt that Rose would have been in the mood if Ed had told her that he did not want to have any more kids and I guess after spending all that money on a hotel room and having them give them the royal treatment then he wanted to get his money’s worth. Ahem. Hope you packed a lot of umbrellas, Ed! We do wish Rose the best of luck in expanding her family, with whomever she chooses. Stay tuned!!!

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