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TLC '90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' Spoilers: Almost Doesn't Count Ed - An Update On Big Ed Brown & Rosemarie Vega!

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days’ Spoilers: Almost Doesn’t Count Ed – An Update On Big Ed Brown & Rosemarie Vega!

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Before The 90 Days finds that we feel like she should know better than to go out to dinner with Ed Brown from now on because it looks like usually when Ed asks a girl to dinner there is usually bad news involved. I mean, the last time he asked her to dinner he dropped the bomb of the STD test in her lap and it looks like this is his MO. Ask a girl to dinner, eat first and then drop a bomb in her lap. You begin to wonder how his first wife found out about things going south in their marriage and if it all began with a dinner invitation. Geeze!

Anyway so you can always tell when this guy is about to drop a bomb because you will think that everything is just fine and dandy between the two of you, like Rise does at the beginning of the dinner but then when she asks him the important question of whether or not he wants to be with her for the rest of his life he starts hemming and hawwing like a fratboy at a purity ball. We literally just thought things were okay 0.4 seconds before this bomb was dropped.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Before The 90 Days – Almost doesn’t count, Ed!

With the way Ed is acting, you would think that he’s completely loaded and that Rose’s “sister” (although I am starting to doubt that after seeing Rosemarie Vega’s statement on instagram last night) had asked him to sign over his entire life savings, the rights to his estate afterward, and any stocks, bonds and or mutual funds that he may have had access to. The last time I checked, a freelance photographer simply does not have that kind of money to toss around! So I don’t know what Ed is getting all bent out of shape over, honestly, and I don’t know why he has to preface news like this with a nice dinner either.

Then he has the nerve to freakin’ ask Rose if they can wait until after dinner to go into detail about the bomb he just dropped! Honestly, if he wants to wait around on things then he needs to choose better timed bombs! He could have played around, bought some time and brought this whole mess up at the end of the meal if he actually wanted to wait and have a nice meal before he launched into this other hoop he was putting before Rose to jump through. I don’t like the way there always seems to be a catch to whatever Ed is asking for. It doesn’t build trust, it build suspicion and resentment and honestly it looks like a form of crying wolf. Eventually the woman is just going to be so suspicious that whenever Ed does do something completely from the heart she is going to suspect that he wants some other kind of impossible thing out of her and that can lead to complete exhaustion.

However upon seeing Rose’s clip from last night it begs the question, if Rose’s side of the story is true and her sister did not ask him for money and he lied about it then who in the world is asking Ed for money on facebook? Could Ed have possibly been talking to another girl and got her name mixed up with Rose’s sister’s name? Again, there is also always the possibility of hacking but Ed only said he had not dated in 28 years, he didn’t say he had not talked to other women in 28 years so what’s the real story here? Stay tuned!!!

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