The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will B&B Do a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Storyline?

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CBS ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers finds that we all know that everything in real world LA has shut down due to the pandemic, but what about the LA of the Bold and the Beautiful? One might argue that that version of LA in a universe far far away is. Ot suffering from a pandemic at all and are faring a lot better than the real world right now. That could be arguably true and I doubt that the soap is even going to touch on the real life crisis upon returning but let’s just go ahead and speculate how this might affect the residents of this version of LA in the context of B&B.

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First order of business, Forrester Creations would obviously make a line of social distancing fashion wear for fall. Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) would take the lead on such designs because he would want to have a reason for people to pat him on the back after the sheer hell that he’s put everything thorough. He wouldn’t say it like that though, he would definitely tell everyone that as a member of the fashion designer community it is his job to “give back”. Meanwhile, I am thinking that he may have to move out of the Forrester mansion for awhile simply because Eric lives there, he is a senior citizen and therefore more vulnerable. In fact, everyone with the exception of Quinn might have to move out of there for awhile.

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So it might come down to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) having to crash with Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) for awhile but no worries about anything happening between them because hey, social distancing and all. They do have that history however so there could be some racy texts and things sent over the phone. I’m just saying where there’s a will there’s a way, you know? Or maybe Ridge could still be in Las Vegas stuck with Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) and decide to build a life there with her. However there isn’t anything saying that he wouldn’t long for his simple life at home and still text Brooke when he was lonely, essentially keeping his first wife as his side piece. Let’s face it, that could happen.

I’m sure Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) has her hands full now, what with homeschooling little Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) and is overwhelmed. She wanted to get back to work ASAP and the COVID-19 happened. I’m not sure that her job can be done remotely so she might have more time on her hands than she bargained for. Now not only does she have little Douglas to look after but Beth as well and she has to somehow prevent those two from somehow coming down with the virus. Yike! Liam Spencer’s job can definitely be done remotely so employment wise he is fine but he might branch out his cyber security know how and extend it to other companies during this time of need.

What is Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) doing right now?? Is she actually immuno-compromised or would she just play that up in order to maybe not have to go into the end of life care facility that Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) was talking about sending her to? Would Dr. Penny Escobar (Monica Ruiz) do her a solid and recommend that she be ‘safer at home’ for now, or is the jig up? Speaking of Dr. Escobar, since she is trying to get into the fashion industry and I am pretty sure that Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) wouldn’t give Thomas the time of day, if the jig is truly up for Sally and Dr. Escobar gets her medical license revoked then maybe, just maybe Penny could end up modeling Thomas’s new mask design for Forrester Creations. It would make both of them look extra good, Thomas for choosing a model who was essentially on the front lines, and it could open a door for Penny into the fashion industry as well. Or perhaps, they could work together on a mask design and in spite of all the social distancing and working virtually in place, maybe these two could form a love connection? Stranger things have happened, and we all know what goes down in the DM.

Of course this is all speculation about what could hapen if B&B decided to roll with a COVID-19 storyline, but I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t going to. Personally though, I am waiting to see what the residents of fictionalized LA will do when production starts back up. We at DSD have a finger on the pulse of production and will let everyone know when our favorite shows are back in production again. Stay tuned!!!

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