Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Arzu scores a win, but trouble’s on the way


Telemundo Cennet spoilers reveal Arzu Soyer (Esra Ronabar) had a great day. But she faces a huge problem she’s unaware of. We love the situation. It seems the Telenovela Gods are bringing the wrath after everything Arzu has done so far. Let’s take a look at what happened and what we can expect tonight.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: The victory

First off, Arzu scored a huge win on Thursday. With how things worked out, Rıza Soyer (Ali İpin) never got to change his will, so there was a surprise waiting for Sema Soyer (Ebru Nil Aydın). She’d been convinced the will reading would be the end of Arzu in that house. She was wrong. Cennet spoilers reveal he actually left 17% of his shares in the company to her, while his own son, Mahir Soyer (Hazım Körmükçü) only got about 8%. Arzu later gloated over the situation.

Meanwhile, we’re sure this will cause a lot of trouble. Sema made it clear she will not rest until Arzu is out of their company and their lives. And Mahir is angry about the slight he suffered. Gotta love family drama. But Sema might get what she wants sooner than she believes.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Unaware

See, there’s still that mystery man out there. And he seems just as obsessed with Arzu as ever. There’s just one difference on Thursday night. He’d been locked in jail for who knows how long. However, he’s now a free man and enjoying the sights of the city. Besides that, he’s also busy obsessing over her old photograph.

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s him being Arzu’s downfall. He’ll likely play with her for a bit before making an appearance in her life. And his return will rock Arzu’s world. It’ll also be Sema’s greatest gift.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: About tonight

First off, we can expect a very ugly scene at the Soyer Group offices. Arzu must be dumber than she is nasty, as she has already had a couple of tense discussions with Mukaddes Yılmaz (Güler Ökten) about Cennet Yılmaz (Almila Ada). How Arzu thought Mukaddes wouldn’t suspect her of what happened to Cennet is beyond us. But Mukaddes will show up at the office to call her out in front of everyone. We have to wait and see if she’ll expose why Arzu might have something against Cennet.

As for the Soyer family, Cennet spoilers reveal someone else will pay a price. Teasers for the evening say that Orhan Soyer (Yusuf Akgün) will declare war on Arzu and Melisa Soyer (Zehra Yılmaz). Looks like someone else didn’t think of how guilty they’d look before they acted. This should definitely be entertaining.

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