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Netflix 'Too Hot To Handle' Spoilers: Sharron Townsend Speaks Out!

Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Spoilers: Sharron Townsend Speaks Out!

Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ spoilers finds that if you watched Netflix’s hit show you were probably cheering for Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul to make it and get married. A lot has changed between the two of them. On the reunion episode, we saw Rhonda breaking down in tears when she was asked about the status of their relationship. This was very tough for her and we could tell. These two discovered that they did have something and they tried to make it blossom. According to Sharron though, as soon as the show was over, these two never saw the other! We have his full story right here.

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Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Spoilers: Sharron Shares With Fans

Too Hot to Handle was a global success and it seems that it was perfectly timed with the global pandemic. One of the favorite couples on the show was Rhonda and Sharron, so much so that they earned the nickname, Sharhonda. Sharron wanted to share his side of their story with fans. “When we left the retreat…we were in contact for a while, then just…things were happening in my life. I ended up losing my grandmother to breast cancer, and then I was working three jobs to help take care of my family as I’m the breadwinner of my family. My priorities changes, I just fell back into a normal routine.”

Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Spoilers: Sharron Townsend Speaks Out

He said the distance was a little tough for them too. “Not that Rhonda wasn’t a priority. She was understanding about everything. There was some distance between us. She was living in Georgia, I’m in New Jersey-that’s quite a distance. Me working all the time, her being a mum-we lost contact for a little bit, we didn’t speak as much. Unfortunately, we never visited each other. I had to prioritize differently. I had to take care of the responsibilities I had at home.”

Sharron said it wasn’t easy watching the show again. He said that it did bring up some old feelings for her and did make them both pretty emotional. “Seeing the atmosphere play out again…was moving. It was hard to separate those emotions again. Rhonda was so nurturing and caring. She is a wonderful person.”

Rhonda is dating someone now, but Sharron remains single. He says that he is happy with just taking care of his family and enjoying time with them right now. We do hope he can find love soon. You can find both of them on social media, where they post frequently.

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