Killing Eve spoilers: Family visits and breakdowns

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Killing Eve spoilers reveal the past couple of episodes led to big developments. It’s also provided one of the best episodes yet, with some classic moments. Let’s take a look at the latest, as well as some of the greatest moments of the past couple weeks.

Killing Eve spoilers: Homecoming

First of all, we have made no secret Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is the strongest link on the show. Comer’s acting skills combined with the outrageous stuff the writers come up with for her character are a winning combination. Recently, an episode focused entirely on Villanelle as she went home. This led to some great comedic moments, as well as a touching one.

Watching Villanelle interact with her family, as well as those now living with them was a great opportunity to see deeper into her psyche and see more of quirks. One of those moment was the absolutely awkward looks and behavior from her as everyone broke into Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock”. Her youngest brother, Bor’ka (Temirlan Blaev), is a bit obsessed and wants to see his farewell show.

Another top comedy moment was at a local fair she and her family went to. Villanelle played that game where you guess what cup is hiding a ball. She nailed it every time, causing the lady running the game to give her a nasty look and shoo her away. Villanelle’s indignant/confused expression was great. As was the obvious pride and excitement over winning a standing fan in another game.

But we do think one of the better funny moments was when she watched something about the moon landing with a couple new members of the household. Their talk about faked moon landings and other conspiracy stuff made Villanelle crack up—until they started talking about some organization that runs everything. We’re guessing she thought they referred to The Twelve, but she quickly obviously changed her mind to them being a couple of crazies.

The following episode had a surprise for Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), whose husband, Niko Polastri (Owen McDonnell) is apparently not dead. He’s just unable to talk after the attack and using an electronic device’s text-to-speech function. She was so happy to see him alive, she swore to him she’d learn who did this. He, however, wasn’t as anxious for her help. He typed in “P*$^ off” on the device. Her expression was great. It’s sad that only a few people bring out the best of this character. But we are glad for the few moments we find.

Killing Eve spoilers: Resolution

The most touching/sad moment of the past two episodes was during Vilannelle’s visit with her family. She and her mother, Tatiana (Evgenia Dodina), got some alone time toward the end, and it didn’t go well. She and her mother started off friendly, but it soon devolved into Villanelle being accused of darkness. Ruining her mother’s life. Villanelle was told her father wanted her gone because he was afraid of her, then Tatiana kicked her out. Thanks to this, and witnessing a little mistreatment of her baby brother was too much, apparently. She decided to blow up the house with her mother and the new people inside. Villanelle did, however, spare her baby brother and her other brother, Pyotr (Rob Feldman), from the explosion. She lured the youngest out with promises of Elton John tickets, while her other brother slept in another small building on the property.

Another moment came in last week’s episode, and this involved Irina (Yuli Lagodinsky), Konstantin’s (Kim Bodnia) daughter. She’s apparently got a thing about her stepfather, something she vented about to Villanelle. Irina mocked her for being a bad role model when Eve suggested killing him. Eventually, she did, and it was a disturbing, powerful moment that we’re sure will have Konstantin upset.

Killing Eve spoilers: Moving up… or not?

In the last episode, Eve made some progress in her current investigation, tracking down Dasha Duzran (Harriet Walter). She believes Dasha is a link to Villanelle, and that Villanelle copied one of her old kills. The scene between them in a bowling alley is a can’t-miss moment. It also shows just how bold anyone associated with The Twelve is.

However, Killing Eve spoilers reveal they’re not just a danger to some—they’re a danger to everyone. As you’d probably expect in that line of work, there’s no walking away. Especially when you’re being promoted like Villanelle. However, it seems her work over the years, an assignment gone wrong, and her disappointment in the new gig not being much different, took its toll. Villanelle is disillusioned now and ready to leave. Despite being warned not to say anything, she tells Dasha this. We’re expecting some big consequences ahead, and we loved the breakdown Villanelle had after.

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