EastEnders Spoilers: Shock In Store As Keegan Baker And Karen Taylor Both Leave Walford

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EastEnders spoilers have indicated that there could be a surprise double exit over the coming weeks, as both Karen Taylor and Keegan Baker could turn their back on the square for good. Both characters have had an awful lot going on over the past couple of weeks, and that stress could mean that their only option is leaving Walford for good.

Keegan has endured a particularly difficult number of weeks, and that will only continue this evening. He has been forced to challenge claims that he attacked a police car, while tonight he will find his food truck destroyed by a group of thugs that believe he is a drug dealer. There will also be additional pain as his relationship with Tiffany Butcher continues to fall apart.

EastEnders Spoilers: Is His Only Choice To Leave Walford?

Keegan has been fighting for so long that he is growing tired, and a fresh start could be what’s best for him. Tiffany and his relationship almost certainly looks over, after he was so desperate to confirm that he was innocent that he dropped Jack Branning in trouble, Tiffany was furious with his response and inability to trust Jack.

Tonight’s episode could be the final straw for Keegan, as his heart is shattered into a million pieces after his food truck is destroyed. People try and calm him down by admitting that his insurance will cover the damage, but Keegan quickly clarifies that he didn’t take out insurance on the van. With no reason to stay in Walford, will Keegan finally decide to leave?

EastEnders Spoilers: Karen Taylor To Leave With Keegan

Karen Taylor could also make the stunning decision to leave with her son, as she could also do with a fresh start away from Walford. She has been looking after Kayden for the past couple of months, but Sharon Mitchell’s return could mean that the mother will be taking back her son. There will be nothing left in Walford for Karen, so she could decide to leave for good.

Of course, if Sharon decides not to take back her son, then she may instead leave with Kayden and Keegan. There are a lot of questions that EastEnders fans want answered, and they may get some of the questions answered during tonight’s episode.

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