EastEnders Spoilers: Jean Slater To Try And Seduce Phil Mitchell In Bizarre Scenes


EastEnders spoilers have revealed that there could be bizarre scenes in store over the coming weeks, as Jean Slater will try and get Phil Mitchell into bed. Viewers will be left cringed out by the prospect of seeing the two soap legends get close in a romantic way, as it would be something that nobody could have ever foreseen happening.

Jean is trying her hardest to get Stacey Fowler back home after she left the Square. Her grand plan will include trying to get Phil into bed to make that happen, but there could yet be something that halts Jean’s plans in their tracks. The scenes that will air over the coming weeks will baffle viewers, but could the unthinkable really happen?

EastEnders Spoilers: Mo Senses Something Is Wrong

Viewers have seen over the past couple of weeks that relations between Jean and those closest to her have broken down completed. She was forced into hospital after having an overdose, and was shocked when it was later revealed that Kush had been putting her medication into her food without her knowing.

Fortunately for Kush, the police weren’t needed as they didn’t believe that he was acting in a criminal way. But, it’s fair to say that Jean hasn’t forgiven him. After realising what he had done, she acted quickly and kicked him out of the house. But, Kush has been doing everything he can over the past week to get back into the house to talk to Jean. Next week, Mo will have a sense that something isn’t right and will urge Kush to get involved.

EastEnders Spoilers: Phil Unaware That Stacey Was Involved

Jean’s attempts to sleep with Phil as she believes that doing so will enable Stacey to come home. Stacey departed Walford last year after attacking Phil, but Phil still has no idea that it was Stacey that attacked him, as he still believes that Kat Slater was the one behind the attack.

Jean’s attempts to get Stacey back to Walford could do more harm than good, as she could finally reveal that it was really Stacey that attacked him in August. The strange idea was implanted in Jean’s brain after Shirley revealed that seduction was the only way that Phil would listen to somebody. However, could the risky plan actually work?

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