EastEnders Spoilers: Ben Mitchell To Reveal Peter Beale’s And Lola Pearce’s Secret To Jay Brown

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EastEnders spoilers have revealed that Lola Pearce’s world come be able to come tumbling down over the coming weeks, as Ben Mitchell could tell Jay Brown about her one night stand with ex Peter Beale. The revelation would come as a huge shock to Jay, who has recently revealed that he is ready to start a family with Lola.

However, she was stunned by the announcement and overwhelmed with his statement. She revealed that she didn’t want to have another child yet, and ended up drowning her sorrows in the pub. That decision led her straight back into the arms of Peter, and the two of them spent the night together.

EastEnders Spoilers: Lola Reveals Secret To Callum

On the morning after, Lola was ridden with guilt and didn’t know what to do. She is still madly in love with Jay, and ultimately decides to give their relationship another go. However, she comes clean to Callum Highway about her night with Jay, and she is stunned by his reaction. He urges her to keep the secret to herself, as the revelation could leave her relationship with Jay in tatters.

However, this week, viewers have seen Jay already become concerned by the fact that Peter knew that they had broken up. He made a snide comment to the couple revealing that he was happy that they were able to get back. Lola had to quickly think about a way out to ensure Jay didn’t suspect anything. But, his suspicions could be realised over the coming weeks.

EastEnders Spoilers: Ben Notices Peter And Lola In The Pub

Last night viewers saw Peter trying to overcome a tough day, as it marked six years since Lucy died. Lola offered a shoulder to cry on for Peter, but Ben, who had a tough day of his own, saw them holding hands at the table. Everyone in Walford is aware that they used to be together, which means Ben will become concerned that something is going on between them.

Ben’s allegiance will be tested by the realisation that something could be going on between Peter and Lola, as he will be faced with telling his friend Jay what he saw, or keeping the situation between himself and the mother of his child civil. Viewers will have to continue watching next week to see what Ben decides to do.

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