CBS ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Actress Brytni Sarpy (Elena Dawson) Finds Peace In These Stressful Times

CBS ‘The Young And The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers show that actress Brytni Sarpy (Elena Dawson) is trying to find peace during these stressful times. While we’re inside and quarantined, it can be extremely stressful not getting out like normal and having to order in a lot. It’s important to find our own ways to deal with everything going on and Sarpy has found her best way.

She posted a photo of herself doing some meditation exercise and it’s inspired a lot of people to try to do the same. The photo shows her sitting in a room with lights hanging on the wall, next to a window with the slats open letting in light. She sits on a chair, legs crossed focusing on something. The caption of the image read,

“Maybe we cannot escape from the destiny of the human, but we have a choice: to suffer our destiny or to enjoy our destiny…”

CBS ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Actress Brytni Sarpy (Elena Dawson) Finds Peace In These Stressful Times

Many people have already taken this as something to try. Comments came in like, “You provide me peace in a very stressful time. peace oozes out of you with each photo. Thank u, I’m a grandma looking forward to the new normal finding peace in photos. Loved the poppies photos.🙌”, “Wow everything about this photo puts me at peace 💫 GORGEOUS !”, and “Enjoy! The decision is always on us! It is a struggle to be happy. But, at the end of the day oh, when you get there… A magnificent energy flows through your very being. It’s nice to see that people are constructively making use of their surroundings.”

Is meditation something you’d tried or something you do often? I haven’t tried it but I’ve seen a lot of good results come from it. What do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy.

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