British Royal Family News: Prince William Devastated As He Loses Highly Though Of Staff Member To Downing Street

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British royal family news has revealed that Prince William is in a state on mourning this weekend, as he sadly said goodbye to his former private secretary. It was revealed in Hello Magazine that Simon Case has left his royal role to join up with the British government. The report has revealed that his new role will be the permanent secretary at 10 Downing Street.

The decision will come as a huge loss for the Duke of Cambridge, as he has been his right-hand man for the previous two years. However, Case will now play an important role in the United Kingdom’s plan and response during the coronavirus pandemic.

British Royal Family News: Prime Minister Confirms The News

The British PM confirmed the news in a statement on Friday. That statement revealed that Case was working on significant work to ensure that the United Kingdom has the best possible response for the outbreak of COVID-19. The British government have been ridiculed by sections of the media for their response to the crisis to this point.

Sections of the media have blamed the Conservative party for moving too slowly during the current pandemic, as they let significant sporting events take place before locking down the country. Johnson has also been lamented for not making the guidelines clear over the past couple of weeks, as he told before to stay at home, before then stating that they can go to work if they need to.

British Royal Family News: Case Has History Of Working In Government

This isn’t the first time that Case has worked for the government, as he has previously worked under previous Prime Ministers David Cameron and Theresa May. Prior to working alongside the royal family, he was working closely with Northern Ireland and Ireland on the plans for the United Kingdom following their departure from the European Union.

The news may come as a blow for William in the short term, but the announcement revealed that William will have Case back in the future. When that may be is still unknown, but the belief is that, Case will return to his royal role once the coronavirus pandemic is under control in the United Kingdom.

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