British Royal Family News: Prince William And Prince Harry Were Regularly Taken For Sneaky Takeaways At This Fast Food Chain By Princess Diana

British royal family news has revealed that Princess Diana regularly took Prince Harry and Prince William to their favourite takeaway restaurant. Despite having some of the best chefs in the world at their disposal, Prince Harry and William still loved McDonald’s. That led Diana to take her son’s to the fast food chain regularly as a treat.

The report claims that Diana would take her son’s away from Kensington Palace, so that she could buy them a Happy Meal as they loved the toys that they would get as part of the meal. It would seem that William’s love of fast food has stayed with him, as he revealed in ‘Football, Prince William And Our Mental Health’ that he is also a huge lover of Nando’s.

British Royal Family News: Diana Took The Boys On Secret Trips

The revelation was reported in Marie Claire, as a former chef admitted that he could make burger and fries for them to enjoy in the residence, but Diana insisted on taking her sons to McDonald’s. The chef revealed that Diana loved taking her son’s on secret trips to McDonald’s, and revealed that the toys that came with the meal were the biggest reason why.

He revealed in the article that Diana told him one day that he didn’t have to make any food for the boys as she was going to take them to McDonald’s. The chef tries to stop her, as he admitted that he could make burgers, but Diana insisted that it was the toy that they really wanted. He also revealed that they had the tastes of children despite being royalty as they often wanted pizza and potato skins.

British Royal Family News: Part Of Their Saturday Tradition

Diana’s close friend and former butler Paul Burrell admitted that McDonald’s was a regular part of their weekend, as it was his job to pick up the meals. He told the Mirror, that he would head to the fast food chain, and he would bring back the food so the three of them could watch Blind Date on the television while eating.

William has already spoken about Diana this week, as fans were left emotional as they heard the future king talking about how much he missed his mother in the BBC documentary. He revealed that he suffered from mental health issues and revealed that Kate Middleton helped him come through the ordeal. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.