British Royal Family News: Delight For Queen Elizabeth As Close Friends Welcome New Baby


British royal family news has found that the Queen will be over the moon this morning after learning that two of her closest friends have welcomed a new baby into the world. It would be a moment of rest bite for Her Majesty during the global pandemic. The news was revealed that Alexandra Knatchbull, who is a close friend of the family, welcomed a second child into the world.

Alexander Knatchbull is married to Thomas Hooper, after they tied the knot at a ceremony in 2017. The new son was welcomed into the world on the 27th March, and was given the name Alden Peter Theodore Mountbatten. The new arrival is the younger brother to Alexandra’s and Thomas’s oldest brother Inigo Norton Sebastian Mountbatten.

British Royal Family News: Ties Between Knatchbull’s And Royalty

The relationship between the couple and the royal family has always been extremely close, as Prince Charles is extremely close to Alexandra’s parents- Lord and lady Brabourne. Their relationship doesn’t stop there, as Alexandra is also the granddaughter to Lord Mountbatten. He was killed in 1979 by an IRA bomb.

Furthermore, Alexandra’s godmother is Princess Diana. Prince Phillip is the godfather to Lord Brabourne. William is also Lord Brabourne’s godson. Prince Charles is the closest royal to the family, as Charles was Lord Brabourne’s best man at his wedding. Meanwhile, the relationship between Prince William and Lord Brabourne’s son, Nicholas, is also good as they attended Eton together.

British Royal Family News: Senior Royals Attend Wedding

The relationship between the families is that strong, that Prince Charles was asked to give Alexandra away at her wedding. Charles accepted, after her father wasn’t well enough to do so. Their wedding took place in 2016 at Romsey Abbey, with a host of famous faces in attendance. Among those were the Queen, Prince Philip and Princess Anne.

It wasn’t just British royalty in attendance, as royals from Jordan, Spain and Green were also in attendance of the ‘society wedding of the year’. Thomas and Alexandra met while at work at FTI Consulting. They were reportedly in a relationship for years before eventually deciding to get married.

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