BBC’s Peaky Blinders: What Could Be In Store For The Shelby’s In Season Six?

There are very few dramas in the world today that come close to Peaky Blinders. The series based on a notorious gang from Birmingham, England and their plan for domination following the end of the First World War. If you haven’t already watched up to the end of season five, then this would be your cue to stop reading if you want to avoid spoilers.

There isn’t much to dislike about all five seasons of the Brummie hit, with loveable characters, breathtaking shot sequences and a soundtrack that is superior to anything else that can be watched on television. Steven Knight’s creation has quickly become a cult classic, but what could possibly lie in store for the Peaky Blinders when we next see them on our screens?

BBC’s Peaky Blinders: What Happens With Tommy?

The biggest question on the lips of all fans will be regarding the future of Tommy (Cillian Murphy). The fifth season ended with Tommy running into a cloud of smoke with a gun to his head after his plan to assassinate Oswald Mosley went terribly wrong. Tommy was left to question how the plan failed. And who could have potentially been the one to sell him out.

There is already a long list of contenders on that front with Michael Gray, Gina Gray and the returning Alfie Solomans all heading the queue. There could be a more shocking revelation awaiting Tommy, as a growing number of fans believe that Esme Shelby could be the shock traitor within the family.

BBC’s Peaky Blinders: Tommy’s Back Against The Wall

It is incredibly unlikely that Tommy would have committed suicide, and he will instead be hell-bent on getting revenge on the person that betrayed his family. The only member of the family that he can trust wholeheartedly is Arthur, but will the two of them be able to get to the bottom of the foiled assassination attempt?

Tommy is never more dangerous than he is when his back is against the wall, and that means that the upcoming sixth season of Peaky Blinders could be the bloodiest of them all. As well as the main story, fans will also be intrigued to learn what Gina and Michael have planned when they referred to a plan B, and whether Polly Gray will be able to forgive Tommy after her fiancé was brutally killed at the hands of the Billy Boys.