WWE News: WrestleMania Breaks Social Media Records Over Two-Night Event

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WrestleMania always comes and goes too quickly from a fans point of view, but the WWE have extra reason to celebrate this year after it was revealed on their social channels that they have broke company records in terms of social interaction.

The company revealed in a post on Facebook, that this year’s event had set a new record for the most viewed videos and for the most hours consumed of WWE product. The event itself was considered a hugely successful event for the company as they took fans minds off the global pandemic that is currently dominating headlines.

WWE News: Matches That Contributed To Success

The success of the event was largely down to a number of unique matches that hadn’t been seen by the audience before. These matches included the hugely entertaining Firefly Funhouse match between John Cena and The Fiend, and the hard-hitting Boneyard match between the Undertaker and AJ Styles.

These matches attracted a huge number of interactions on their social channels. The company reported that there were over 13.8 million interactions over the social media channels. That was a huge rise of 57% from last year’s event, which was previously the record holder in terms of social engagement.

WWE News: Record Breaking Weekend For Company

The event will be seen as a huge success for the company, and it’s worth mentioning that the majority of interactions were for praise. Fans of the WWE continue to talk about the unique matches despite them taking place days ago, which means the number of interactions is set to rise further.

WWE were also pleased to break the record for the number of hours consumed over the weekend. The event was given away for free to new subscribers, which meant that viewers were able to watch a number of previous pay-per-view events, as well as original documentaries.

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