Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Love gets complicated

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Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers reveal the love triangle is heating up. With few episodes left in the season, Berenice Hidalgo (Tania Niebla) isn’t wasting more time. The setup Horacio Escamilla (Fermín Martínez) pulled of gave her the perfect excuse to go off. Here’s what you need to know, and how we might see things play out from here.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Trapped

First of all, Horacio set a great trap. There’s a virus Manuel “Manu” Montero (Álex Perea) accidently triggered that will cause who financial messes for the entire country. They just have a longer, more complicated riddle to stop it. But there’s an out. All they have to do it hand over Manu.

Manu’s ready to hand himself over right now. However, General Brigadier Mora (Anna Ciocchetti) doesn’t want that. She doesn’t think it’d help. Plus, she doesn’t want Horacio to get his own way again. He’s already caused a lot of trouble. But, he’s not going to back down.

As far as his threat, it’s serious. Already a lot of people lost the money they had in the bank. People are obviously in a panic, and it’s caused some huge unrest. Violence has broken out, and they’re running out of time. Manu think they’re running out of options and wants to take the only one he sees. This led to increased hostilities that won’t do anyone any good.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Your fault!

Bere has been jealous for a while. Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers indicate she and Manu almost had a happy-ever-after on the beach, far away from all the danger at home. Now, Manu’s been in dangerous situations more than once, and Bere was kidnapped. And there’s one person getting the blame.

Bere unloaded her anger and bitterness over the breakup on Andrea Loera (Jackie Sauza). Despite Catalina Gómez Juárez (Dacia González) warning her this was not a time or place for relationship drama, she went there. Bere approached Andrea and blamed her for everything that’s going on. Because Andrea showed up and got Manu to come back into the fight, he could die. And Bere told her it’d be all her fault. We think she still just doesn’t understand Manu as well as she should if they have a future. This whole thing seems too ingrained in Manu to just walk away. And we don’t like she’s making an already hard situation worse by ignoring Doña Cata’s advice.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Next…

We believe that Manu will succeed in stopping Horacio’s attack. And we think by the time this is all over, Manu and Andrea will still be together and stronger than ever. If Bere doesn’t find a way to get through her pain and accept the truth about Manu, she’ll end up alone.

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