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'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Katrina Bowden (fLO fULTON) Faces and Conquers Her Fear

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katrina Bowden (Flo Fulton) Faces and Conquers Her Fear

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers recall how Flo Fulton (played by Katrina Bowden) technically ‘turned into’ a jail bird when she “flew” her way out of jail in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful'(B&B) ? A deal was cut for Flo not to have to remain in jail for the role she played in the kidnap of baby Beth. Well, Flo is manifesting her flying abilities in through Katrina in real life!

‘The Bold and the Beautiful'(B&B) Spoilers star took to Instagram to share how she faced and conquered her fear of flying as she goes skydiving. “Life is short,” she posted. “Time seems to fly by faster every single year and the last thing I want is to look back with regrets. It’s so easy to just be content not doing things that scare you, not challenging yourself, not being truly yourself because of fear of judgment, not stepping out of your box. But that’s not the life I want to live.”

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katrina Bowden Faces and Conquers Her Fear

In her post, the actress recommends that her fans to do what makes them happy in life. “Not just surface-level stuff, either,” she writes. “It may take some time to figure that [expletive] out (as it did for me)…but once you identify it and sit with it…decide to do MORE of those things.


“Pursue them relentlessly even when you feel uncomfortable- because that is when magic happens. That is when all your days start feeling happier. That is when you start becoming the best version of you. And that’s what we are all after, right?”

The actress is obviously enjoying the fact that she has conquered her fear for flying and she wants her fans to do the same. She didn’t specify skydiving – she only encouraged her fans to up their minds to avoid having any regrets. Bowden’s character, Flo is the child of Storm Logan (Late) and Shauna Fulton. Katrina has been on the show since 2019.She has carried the secret surrounding Baby Beth longer than anyone else on the show has, except Dr, Reese Buckingham (played by Wayne Brady). She found redemption after she donated her one of her kidneys to her new found aunty, Katie Logan (played by Heather Tom). For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit TV Rocker. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Daily Soap Dish.