NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is Victor Kiriakis Dying On DOOL? John Aniston Possibly Retiring From Salem!

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NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers finds that John Aniston has been a fixture in our living room for decades. He has played VIctor Kiriakis, the mob boss turned legitimate businessman, and boy has it been a wild ride. But eventually, all good things must come to an end. Recently, Victor was stabbed by Kristen DiMera (Stacey Haiduk) for masterminding the babyswap scheme in which her daughter, Rachel Isabella Black was stolen from her and replaced with Sarah Horton’s unfortunately deceased daughter, little Mickey Horton, whom everyone has been led to believe she actually is. Now that the truth is out, however, the Mother Phoenix has risen from the ashes and she is ready to take down everyone with fire and blood.

At least the blood part was right, because as we can very well see, Victor got his. He’s currently in the hospital right now and it doesn’t look good for the guy. But all joking aside… is this truly Victor’s last hurrah? Is John Aniston going to hang up his Salem hat for good? There’s a rumor that’s been swirling around lately that that could be the plan. After all, John is well past your average retirement age anyway and if he thinks he needs to stop and smell the roses, then, he’s pretty much earned it.

NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John Aniston retiring? Is this the end for Victor Kiriakis? 

There is also the fact that even after production begins again, there would be COVID-19 concerns for him. The thing is about the disease is that while it’s killing people of all ages, it’s especially killing elderly people because their immune response is so strong. I’m not actually sure how that works, but that is what the experts are saying, and I’m pretty sure that Jennifer Aniston still wants her Dad around.

Currently, no one’s really said whether or not that Jenn has discussed the possibility of COVID-19 with her Dad but since it’s non-discriminatory and is a rather destructive force, I’m sure she’s thought of the possibilities. Say what you want about John and his rocky past with his daughter, but during this time of quarantine, it’s time for families to reaffirm their bonds, because no one’s guaranteed a day on the earth, and we’re fast finding this out. However, for now all of this is rumor. When or if there is an official word on John’s retirement we here at DSD will let you know. Stay tuned!!!

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