Lifetime ‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Jamie Otis and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing!

Lifetime ‘Married At First Sight’ spoilers finds that Jamie Otis, former cast member of the show and now the host of Unfiltered, shared some information about getting tested for COVID-19. If you remember, Jamie is preparing to give birth at home to her new child, in just a few weeks. Her doctor told her that it would be best to get tested and she took a video and put it on social media to share with her fans what is going on with her.

Lifetime ‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Jamie Breaks Down on Social Media

Jamie posted a video of herself going to get tested for COVID-19. She said, “I hate this. This is all so scary, seriously. I pray to God I don’t have COVID-19 ’cause if I do, my doctor recommends I stay away from my baby. I don’t know why, I’m just genuinely so nervous.”

Lifetime ‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Jamie Otis and COVID Testing

It was just about a month ago that fans were slamming her for going on vacation during the pandemic and pretending like it wasn’t a big deal. Now, she has been tested and knows just how big of a deal this is. Once she was finished with the testing, she spoke out to fans some more.

“Just the swab, that hurt really bad going up. Then I was like, good god. If I can’t handle a swab going up my nose, how am I going to handle an un-medicated childbirth?I’m so annoyed with myself for being such a wimp about this…I don’t know how to reset my brain so I can just chill the F out. This is a nightmare.”

Jamie has been able to stay home during this time, which makes her part of the fortunate few that get to do that. She talked more about her feelings on Instagram, “Honestly, I’m an RN and should be out there helping too, but instead I’m safe inside. Which I justify with being pregnant but there are *so many* pregnant women going into the battle zone daily! They’re the real heroes!! I feel so corny to say this, but I genuinely want to thank everyone who is out there risking their lives to help save everyone else/deliver their foods, stock the shelves,etc.” For Jamie and her family’s sake, we hope that she does not test positive for COVID-19. We are happy that she took the time to share this with her fans and we wish her and her family the best during this crazy time.

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