Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: A Mother’s love – Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon)

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ spoilers finds that episode two looks to be an eye opener. In the opening sequence, we see a younger Mia Warren (Kerry Washington) with someone in what may be the front seat of her car? I’m not entirely sure. Either way, there seem to be a good time had by all until Baby Pearl Warren (Lexie Underwood) wakes up and just like a child in any other sort of set-up, she interrupts Mama’s good time. Mia is quick to tell the guy that she’s with that he has to go. It’s not explicitly said that he is a ‘John’ but that’s what it looks like. I wonder if he was the one she was dreaming about in that weird dream sequence.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Pearl doesn’t know what to think about her Mom’s new job

The next day, Mia informs Pearl that she will be joining her for dinner at the Richardson house with Moody Richardson (Gavin Lewis)  because she’s working for them now. Mia obviously doesn’t know how to feel about that, I’m not sure if she wanted her new friend (AKA: the boy she obviously likes) to really get all that involved with her Mom yet considering how much she freaked out the day they met. Oh well, can’t help that can we, Pearl?

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: White privelege strikes again

Poor Pearl has a bit of a tiff with her guidance counseler over the fact that they’re making her retake Geometry simply because she transferred in from a poorer school district (Cleveland) and they feel that she’s academically not as up to snuff as the other kids at Shaker even though she passed the class with flying colors. It’s unfair because he did it simply because of white privelege. The characters tend to do a lot of first glance judging in this story and they often just write people off because of it, something that still does happen, I’m glad this narrative brings attention to it.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: 90’s technology can be a real bitch

Mia realizes that the jig is up about the references and has her boss call Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon), imitating one of her former landlords and ‘sing her praises’, according to Elena which of course makes her suspicious. She tells Bill Richardson (Joshua Jackson) of this but honestly, he never listens to her so what makes her think that talking to him is going to have any effect now? The lack of care that Bill has about any of his wife’s concerns makes me suspicious. Also he was very enthusiastic when he first met Mia, we may just explore that later. Then Elena asks for that criminal background check… on Mia. Oh my.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: More white privelege!

Dinner at the Richardson house is interesting, because Bill has to reassure Elena that her meatloaf is ‘more refined’ than Mia’s. He had previously told Mia that she made meatloaf just like his Mom did with Ritz Crackers instead of breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs is apparently ‘refined’ Elena’s specialty. Also, when their oldest daughter, Lexie Richardson (Jade Pettyjohn) is talking about the essay she will have to write for her Yale application, they have the white privelege conversation of the century. Her essay is to write about adversity she’s overcome and that’s a narrative that, as we can plainly see, really doesn’t apply to Lexie. At first she was going to write about how they didn’t pick her for the lead in South Pacific but she gave it her all in the chorus anyway, then Pearl mentions her trouble getting into the math class that she chose and Lexie decides to make the obvious racism her pulpit but to turn it into something that would fit her narrative, how she clearly thinks there needs to be a more mixed race ratio in her AP classes, which is admirable but at the same time… not exactly her story to tell.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Pearl is not Mia’s first priority

When Pearl tells her Mom of the same thing to her Mom at the chinese resteraunt at their dinner later, she tells her that she needs to advocate for herself and ask for a placement test. Pearl maintains that she tried but that the counselor was not budging because the counselor said that because they moved too much and that the academics at Shaker were harder than the ones at other schools. Then Mia spots her new pet project, her co-worker named Bebe Chow (Lu Huang) who has taken to the bathroom to cry after helping a small child pick up her dropped toy. Mia offers to finish Bebe’s shift, we’re not sure how Pearl feels about that but I’m guessing a very normal teenage eyerolling was in order. Meanwhile, Elena offers to get Pearl into the class no questions asked. Looks who’s becoming the best Mom ever?

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Izzy gets in trouble

Izzy Richardson (Megan Stott) is having some issues at her school when her teacher gets onto one of her friends, Jessica, for knocking over a podium by accident in the music room, she’s about to really rail on the girl before Izzy steps in and screams at her to back the eff off. Meanwhile her Mom is busy advocating for Pearl to the Principal and that’s when she learns that Izzy is in trouble. She takes Izzy back to the office with her and it’s hilarious how she has such a distaste for the Vagina Monologues that she will give it to her 14 year old daughter to read as a punishment to tell her how it ends.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Does Linda have a past as well?

Meanwhile, her secretary tells her that the faxes she ordered have been sent to her house. That’s when she realizes that Mia is there and she doesn’t want them to be intercepted so she quickly tells Izzy to come with her and that they needs to go, but it’s too late because Mia is already reading the faxes and sees every bit of her past on those pages that Elena is about to read. Apparently Mia was involved in what looks to be a prostitution ring and that’s what her big secret is. But seriously, she’s not the only one with a deep dark secret, it looks like her friend Linda McCoullough (Rosemarie DeWitt) may share that secret with her. But when Elena was looking at the files Linda’s file didn’t seem to come up. So maybe Mia did her a solid and got rid of the file in order not to disrupt her life because she knew what a busybody Elena is. (Sorry but she is!)

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Mia comes clean

However she turned around and told Elena that she had never been arrested which I don’t understand considering the mugshots that were on Elena’s fax machine but perhaps I missed something. She further explains to Elena that while she did lie about her former landlord and that it was her boss that called her, she explained that she had to break her previous lease because no one would rent to her being a single black Mom and that’s when Elena offered her a drink. Okay then. Meanwhile, Pearl and Moody are at Mia’s house, they have found Mia’s stash and have gotten high and are talking about sex, Mia says that her Mom is secretive about everything and doesn’t tell her a lot of things, like why they move around or who she sleeps with and then proceeds to tell Moody that her Mom says that sometimes sex is just about sex and nothing more. That’s when Moody says that his parents have a ‘schedule’ that apparently Lexie told him about, and they proceed to crack up in their high state.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Pearl and Moody 4 eva!

May I just say that Pearl and Moody have the cutest little friendship I have ever seen? They don’t have to be high to just hang out with each other and veg. They genuinely like each other and it’s the most awesome thing. You don’t often see a platonic teenage friendship like that, and it’s adorable. Meanwhile Mia and Elena do some mom-bonding, Elena opens up a little bit about her floundering relationship with Izzy in a roundabout way. She asks if she thinks Pearl likes her and tells her all about how she helped Pearl get into those harder classes even though the letter she wrote was probably enough and she didn’t really need her help. Mia is taken aback because she didn’t know anything about it. She shuts her down after that, just when Elena is asking if the picture above her fireplace is for sale. the picture that is of another woman’s lady bits! Then after that Mia decides to take a look at her own lady bits in the mirror, all the while giggling.

Hulu ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Spoilers: Oh what a tangled web we weave, Pearl…

Pearl lies to her Mother when asked about getting into the class. She says that she did it herself with the letter and doesn’t mention Elena’s name at all, even when Elena had previously mentioned it to her. Mia is very troubled by this because even though Elena spoke highly of their relationship, it’s clear that Pearl doesn’t feel like she can tell Mia everything and that is probably where things begin to unravel as far as Mia is concerned. Later she spots Bebe Chow (Lu Huang) outside for a break at work and asks her about her daughter, “What was her name?” and she tells her “May Ling”, she had previously told her that she didn’t have to explain anything but now Mia’s changed her tune. Stay tuned!!!

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