Coronavirus (Covid-19) Daytime Television Update: Will The Other Major Networks Follow ‘Days of Our Lives’’ Lead And Film 6 Months Ahead?

The global pandemic that is the coronavirus has definitely interrupted life at every level, forcing millions of people from all over the world to sit at home and self-quarantine in the hopes that this will help stop the spread of the virus. The daytime television world has also been impacted by the virus, as all four of the major television soaps have halted production for the safety and health of the cast and crew.

But seeing how the quarantine might not end anytime soon, the producers of ‘Bold and the Beautiful’, ‘Young and the Restless’ and even ‘General Hospital’ are worried about what will happen next, seeing how they only have enough material to produce new episodes until at least the beginning of May. This, of course, is prompting a lot of people to wonder: will the other shows follow ‘Days of Our Lives’ lead and tape episodes at least six months in advance to avoid this kind of programming interruptions in the future? Right now, that seems like the only possible solution.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Daytime Television Update: Will The Other Major Networks Follow ‘Days of Our Lives’’ Lead And Film 6 Months Ahead?

So far only ‘Young and the Restless’ have stated that once they have aired all of their new episodes, they will air classic ones from the past. ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ and ‘General Hospital’ are yet to make any comments about their situations, but there’s a very good chance that they might do the same.

Over at the NBC network, ‘Days of Our Lives’ have already taken a lot of cost-cutting measures before the coronavirus outbreak but compared to the other three soaps, it looks like their operation works best in emergency situations like the one that the world is in today. While ‘General Hospital’ released a statement back in March that said they don’t plan on bringing everyone back to work until at least mid-April, it looks like the cast and crew will have to wait much longer than that. As of press time, the novel coronavirus has infected over 1.2 million people in over 150 countries, with a death toll of over 70,000 people. That number is expected to rise in the coming weeks.

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