British Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth To Address The Nation On Sunday Afternoon

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British Royal Family News finds that the coronavirus situation in the United Kingdom is getting worse with every passing day. The numbers are growing, with record daily numbers of deaths being recorded the week. On Friday, there were 684 recorded deaths from the virus, which means that there have now been 3,405 deaths in the country.

Queen Elizabeth has recorded a rallying call that will air on British television on Sunday afternoon. The address will likely echo the guidance that has been given by the British government throughout the pandemic. Reports have also revealed that the Queen is likely to express to the public that we ‘are all in this together’.

British Royal Family News: Fourth Time That Queen Has Addressed Nation

The televised address will be just the fourth time that the Queen has addressed the nation during her tenure. In the past these addressed have come after the death of Princess Diana and before the Gulf War. The fact that the Queen is addressing the nation highlights how serious the pandemic is.

During the rare address, the Queen will also acknowledge the sacrifices made by front-line workers. Among those, will be the Queen highlighting her adulation for the NHS, who have been at the forefront of the operation in the fight against COVID-19.

British Royal Family News: Queen Still In Self-Isolation At Windsor Castle

The Queen is believed to have recorded the video this week while in self-isolation with her husband Prince Phillip. The royals have been spending their time in self-isolation together at Windsor Castle. There are additional precautions being taken regarding Prince Phillip due to his old age and underlining health conditions.

Prince Charles and Camilla are also remaining in self-isolation for the foreseeable future as they look to stay safe during this unprecedented time. Charles has already tested positive for the virus, but he is no longer showing symptoms. The Queen’s speech will be broadcast on British television on Sunday afternoon.

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