British Royal Family News: Prince William & Kate Middleton Continue With Royal Duties As They Call NHS Staff

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British Royal Family News finds that the coronavirus continues to dominate the headlines in the United Kingdom, but work continues as normal for Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple took time out from their day on Wednesday to call NHS workers to thank them for their continued effort during the global pandemic.

Reports revealed that the couple took time out from their hectic day to call staff based at the University Hospital Monklands and Queen’s Hospital Burton. The couple were taking a break from looking after their children while they made the calls to the hard-working staff.

British Royal Family News: William & Kate Continued Support For NHS

William and Kate have been publicly supporting the NHS throughout the pandemic thus far, as this was the fourth time that they have called or visited staff. The couple were at the London Ambulance Service last month, as they thanked them for their continued work.

The service admitted that they are experiencing more calls than normal during this testing time. William also admitted during this visit that he was hopeful of rejoining the NHS himself, as he would be happy to offer his services towards the effort. However, with the number of responsibilities that he already has, it could be unlikely that he will have the time to help.

British Royal Family News: Fans Enjoyed Seeing Royal Children

Kate and William also posted a video last week with their children applauding the efforts made by the NHS. The entire country stepped out of their houses last week to follow their lead, as Britain stood as one appreciative of the National Health Service.

William and Kate aren’t the only royals that are working from home during this period, as Prince Anne, Prince Charles and the Queen are also in isolation. It was revealed that the Queen and Boris Johnson had their typical meeting earlier this week over the phone. Meanwhile, Prince Anne has been talking on the phone to trustees of the Animal Health Trust.

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