British Royal Family News: Former Chef Reveals What Queen Elizabeth Gives Up For Lent


British Royal Family News finds that the build up to Easter is largely centred around what people will be giving up for lent. And, it seems that tradition is also followed by the Queen herself. A former chef that worked for the Queen between 1982 and 1993 has revealed that every year Her Majesty gives up one thing for lent.

Darren McGrady admitted in an interview this week that the Queen gives up dark chocolate for the six-weeks of lent. He admitted that she is particularly fond of Bendicks Bittermints. He admitted that when the period of lent is over, she treats herself to these snacks on Easter Sunday.

British Royal Family News: Inside Windsor Castle In Build Up To Easter

The chef also went on to add that the Queen wouldn’t buy her own Easter eggs either, as they would be prepared and made by the chefs in the kitchen. McGrady also admitted that Bendicks Bittermints are often delivered throughout the year, with staff even able to take their own bags.

The Easter weekend is often one of the Queen’s favourite times of the year as she attends a host of different events. However, this year a lot of those events have been cancelled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. That means that Her Majesty will be spending the entire weekend in Windsor Castle with Prince Phillip.

British Royal Family News: Change Of Plans For Queen

It was reported this week that the Queen was forced to cancel plans to give out Maundy money to pensioners in the United Kingdom as all churches around the country were forced to close due to the regulations put in place in the UK.

That also means that the Queen will also not be attending Sunday service at the church on Easter Sunday. Instead, she will communicate with members of the royal family through video chat, while Prince Charles has recorded a reading for a podcast.

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