ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Nick Viall’s Advice For Kelley Flanagan For Dating Peter Weber!

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ABC ‘The Bachelor’ spoilers finds that, Peter Weber, has been in the news quite a bit lately and for good reason too. He recently was caught all cozy with Kelley Flanagan in Chicago. What is interesting is just weeks before, she was with Nick Viall at a cast party and he took a picture with her and captioned it, “She’s not with Peter.” So what’s really going on here? Nick has some advice for Kelley when it comes to dating Peter.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Nick’s Post on Social Media

When Nick and Kelley hung out at Chris Harrison’s party, he wrote to them on social media, “Loved seeing you guys get so cozy last night. Here for it.” Then other cast members told the couple that they were cute together and they should date. So what happened?

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Advice for Kelley

Soon after Nick and Kelley were seen together, it seemed that they could have a thing going on. When he saw the picture of her with Peter, he turned his picture with her into a correction. Next to their picture, he put up the TMZ photo of Kelley with Peter. He captioned it, “I stand corrected.” After he made the post, other members of the Bachelor Nation started to comment on it. Hannah Ann Sluss posted on the first picture, “OMG date!”, but when he corrected the picture, she wrote, “I rescind my ‘omg date’ comment. You deserve better.”

It just seems that Nick can’t catch a break when it comes to his love life. He has started to make comments about how Kelley needs to watch out for Peter’s mother, Barbara Weber. The rumors are still swirling around that she is the one who really caused Peter and Madison Prewett’s break up. Fans are also pretty curious as to why Kelley would go back to Peter after he technically broke up with her on the Bachelor.

It does seem that Kelley and Peter got pretty close even when the stay at home order was in place. Fans are curious if these two are quarantining together or if it was just a one time date. We will have to see just how this couple ends up and how this drama plays out. We do hope for Kelley’s sake she’s just not another woman that Peter is trying to use. We also hope that Nick can finally have some luck in love. Those two were so cute together and we really thought they were an item. Keep up with this saga on Kelley and Nick’s Instagram accounts.

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