ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Positive Colton Underwood’s Political Tweets

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ABC ‘The Bachelor’ spoilers finds that Colton Underwood was the first Bachelor alum to tell his fans that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. He has been very open about his condition and wanted to tell his fans everything that he has been through. He has gotten a lot of praise during this time, but also a lot of backlash. He has been pretty active on social media now that he is feeling better and some of his tweets are being criticized. That could be the reason that he deleted them. We have the story of what he said and how his fans think it was a political issue.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton Is Healing and Feeling Better

Colton posted earlier this week saying, “I’m doing much better. I’m feeling healthy and back to my normal self. I joked to Chris Harrison that this is like a mix of ‘hometown’ and ‘happy couple’. While the show is airing we have these things called ‘happy couple’ where you go and you spend time together so Cass and I spent time at four-day, five-day chunks where we couldn’t leave this house in L.A….And that’s sort of essentially what this has been-not to downplay the coronavirus at all, but it’s been like one big ‘happy couple’/family bonding experience.”

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton’s Political Tweets

There were a lot of people who lashed out at Colton through social media too. “Weirdly enough I was getting death threats for taking certain people’s medications, and told that I deserved it. I think it was good, to be honest, and I don’t really have any regrets about being public with it at all. I mean, just like everybody else, I called three doctors and finally I got a really good doctor down here in Orange County…I had to call around and try to find out what was going on. I’m sort of in the same boat as every other American. I didn’t use my name, I didn’t get tested just because I’m a celebrity. I got turned down by the first two doctors. I had to fight for my health. I mean, I wasn’t doing well and I wanted to know what was wrong with me and get treated…As far as that goes, I tried to be very transparent with everything that was going on, with my struggles, with what I was getting prescribed.” We are very happy that Colton has been so transparent with his fans during this time.

Colton knew that he needed to address a political tweet that he had deleted. The tweet was originally posted by the president and it  said, “President Trump is a ratings hit. Since reviving the daily White House briefing Mr. Trump and his coronavirus updates have attracted an average audience of 8.5 million on cable news, roughly the viewership of the season finale of ‘The Bachelor’. Numbers are continuing to rise…” Colton retweeted it, then deleted it. Many of his fans were concerned why he took it down. “I took a bunch of political stuff down because right now all that matters is the human being and trying to save as many lives as we can and I think getting the message out that this thing affects everyone, it doesn’t care if you’re left or you’re right, or you’re black or you’re white. It really can affect and change a lot of people’s lives and right now we just need to be listening to our doctors and our health care and medical personnel because there’s so much going on, and this thing changes almost on a daily basis.” We are extremely happy that Colton is feeling better and glad that he can share his health updates with us on Instagram and Twitter.

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