ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Chris Harrison Denies Kelley Flanagan’s Shocking Claims Of Being Locked In Closet During Peter Weber’s Season!

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ spoilers finds that last week, the Bachelor Nation was rocked by the claims that Kelley Flanagan made about being locked in a closet by the producers of Peter Weber’s season of the Bachelor. She said that they would do things like that then pump made up information into Peter and manipulate his decisions. Chris Harrison, host of the Bachelor shows, claims that this is not true and he decided to call Kelley and check in with her. We have the full details.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Harrison Speaks Out About Accusations

Of course, as soon as all of the Bachelor Nation heard Kelley’s tall tales, everyone called Harrison. He was shocked at what she hold told fans of the show. It is part of Harrison’s job to be damage control and this comment caused a lot of it. He called Kelley immediately after hearing this.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Chris Harrison Denies Kelley’s Claims

Harrison wanted to be completely transparent about their conversation and he told fans exactly what was said. “I said, ‘What was that? We don’t lock people in closets, so clearly you weren’t locked in a closet for three hours. What did you mean?'” Kelley said that people have taken liberties with her comments and took them out of context. “What Kelley meant was that she was frustrated. She’s a smart girl who I think is used to getting what she wants, and she didn’t get that time with Peter,” Harrison added.

Harrison thinks that with this comment, she was thinking about a time in a confessional when they were still filming the Bachelor. “You’re not in a closet. It’s in a room, and sometimes it takes hours. It depends on what’s going on at the time…I think Kelley was frustrated at the time, and that’s how she articulated that. She said, ‘That was not what I meant to say.’ She like, ‘I’m so sorry that it came out that I was locked in a closet.'”

Do you think Harrison was angered by her statements? How does one confuse a room with a closet and if she is so smart, is she trying to make literal comparisons and telling fans that is how they manipulated Peter? A lot of this still doesn’t make any sense, but if she apologized for it, then we guess we’ll take it. We also are curious how much yelling at her Harrison did. If this were you television show, wouldn’t you be a little bit angry that someone said that? Keep up with the Bachelor Nation on social media!

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