Univision ‘Sin Miedo a la Verdad’ Spoilers: Manu’s second case looms

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Univision ‘Sin Miedo a la Verdad’ spoilers indicate some new characters showed up last night. Like the previous episode, this plot involves a kid and we’re sure “Gus” will be contacted soon. That’s Manuel “Manu” Montero’s (Álex Perea) alias for the vlog the show’s named for. And we’re starting to see where she might need help already. Let’s take a look at what went down.

Univision ‘Sin Miedo a la Verdad’ Spoilers: Intro

In Tuesday’s episode, we were introduced to Silvia (Daniela Torres). She’s a boxer with a young daughter and a dream. She wants to get somewhere in her sport and provide for her daughter and mother. The thing is, she’s currently not getting much money out of this pursuit. Actually, she’s being encouraged to give up the whole thing and focus on her job as a maid.

Silvia’s stubborn, though, and her daughter, Julia (Melanie León) loves watching her. Even when mom loses. But that’s a whole other sticking point. Silivia’s mother, Josefina (Celia Marcué). She thinks chasing this dream while her daughter’s up at all hours isn’t right. However, an opportunity just came along that seems like a savior. But we believe it’ll be the opposite.

Univision ‘Sin Miedo a la Verdad’ Spoilers: Stupid is as stupid does

After losing a fight, Silvia was approached by Manjarraez (Luis Gerardo León). He happened to be watching as she fought. Once she was on her way home, he stopped her to say he thinks she’s got lots of potential. He also believes she can do a lot better than her current situation. To that end, he offers to represent her and waves a big advance in front of her face.

Okay, we’ll be fair. Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers indicate she’s got a lot of motivation to chase money. She loves what she’s doing, and wants to keep it up. However, we’re getting visions of Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) from General Hospital here. On that show, Brook Lynn was lured into a deal with a sketchy producer solely to make her miserable enough to see her stocks in the family company to end her contract. Silvia seems she’ll be as easy a mark, and she signed a contract with barely even looking at it. So, where might this tie in?

Univision ‘Sin Miedo a la Verdad’ Spoilers: “Gus” to the rescue?

Much like Brook Lynn, we think this guy’s got shady motives. If she actually is smart enough to read that contract at some point, she’ll probably see all kinds of unfavorable terms in there. And she’s now trapped in what seems like a “chew-em-up, spit-em-out” situation. This seems like just the thing that could blow up in her face enough to reach out for help. And we’re sure “Gus” will be ready to step in. Will this have some bigger picture here, in regards to the main story? We’ll have to see. We’re not so sure it will. The last one sure wasn’t. However, we do think this might play out a bit longer.

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